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African violets (Saintpaulia) are stunning crops that may add a contact of colour to any room. They’re additionally very straightforward to look after, and most of the people discover that they’ll maintain them alive and wholesome with little or no effort. On this weblog put up, we’ll focus on the fundamentals of African violet care in an effort to develop these pretty crops efficiently!

  • How a lot gentle do African Violets (Saintpaulia) want
  • Tips on how to get African Violets to Bloom
  • Correct soil
  • African violets watering, one of the best ways
  • Fertilizer to maintain your plant wholesome
  • Humidity??

How A lot Mild Do African Violets Want

Step one in caring on your African violet is to verify it has sufficient daylight. African violets want no less than six hours of brilliant, oblique daylight every day. If attainable, place your African violet close to a south- or west-facing window. Ample gentle is necessary for good development. 

African Violets in window

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Tips on how to get African Violets to Bloom

For plentiful blooming African Violets like 12 to 13 hours of sunshine each day. If you need your African violets to bloom higher in winter add complement gentle by rising beneath synthetic lights. Place a two-tube fluorescent fixture about 12-18″ above crops for 12-13 hours each day. Add extra gentle if the foliage seems to be wholesome and creating, however no blooms seem. If blossoms are quite a few however leaves are pale or inflexible, the sunshine could also be too sturdy.

African Violet Soil

The subsequent step is to verify your African violet has the best soil. potting combine that’s gentle and really well-draining, but nonetheless holds moisture properly. Many advocate utilizing a peat-based combine however I shrink back from these, I clarify why in my DIY Potting soil put up.

make your personal

DIY Potting Soil

Potting soil is straightforward to make and far cheaper than bagged. Plus you should utilize extra earth-friendly substances than you discover in business merchandise!

So as an alternative I take advantage of my DIY potting soil however add extra perlite. About 1/4 extra perlite ratio works properly for me. If utilizing a bagged potting soil simply add extra perlite to the combo, about 1/4 extra. Meaning mixing 1/4 cup perlite to 1 cup potting soil. Model-name “violet potting soils” are NOT essentially good for African violets! 

African Violet watering

Watering is one other necessary side of African violet care. These crops should be watered recurrently, however you don’t need to over-water them both. Use room-temperature water. 

A typical misnomer is you have to water from the underside. You can water from the highest. Water on the leaves is not going to essentially hurt them, provided that the water temperature is way totally different from the leaf temperature. Onerous water can stain the leaves and although it seems to be dangerous it doesn’t essentially hurt them.

varigated african violet
Varigated African Violet

For those who use “violet pots” or one other self-watering methodology, this consists of backside watering, be sure you have loads of perlite in your African violet soil!

One of the best ways to find out when to water is to make use of a moisture meter. I additionally generally simply elevate the African Violet pot to really feel the load of it, after a when you can decide simply by that if you have to water or not.

The moisture meter has actually helped me with all of my home crops watering and I’m so glad I obtained it!


African violets like common fertilization in an effort to keep wholesome. A well-balanced feed can be utilized. A balanced components means the three numbers listed for NPK are equal or near it.

Use every watering, following the instructions for that fertilizer. You need to keep away from “bloom boosters”.

That is my favourite plant feed each inside and outside.

Different African Violet Care suggestions

African violets like the identical situations you do–reasonable temperatures and humidity. Very best temperatures are between 65 and 75f levels, however violets will tolerate temps a lot exterior of this vary.

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Propagating African Violets

You possibly can simply get extra African Violets by propagation. Learn how easy it may be!

Ensure to put your plant in a well-ventilated space, and if attainable, rotate it each few days in order that the entire leaves get an equal quantity of daylight.

By following these easy suggestions, you’ll be able to make sure that your African violet will keep wholesome and joyful!

Maintain them wholesome

Repotting African Violets – when, why, and the way!

Repotting African Violets is straightforward to do and retains them wanting their finest. How usually ought to your repot African Violets? What’s the finest soil? Discover out right here!

FAQs about African Violets

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