What are Monoecious Vegetation and Do You Want Two to Make Seeds?


If in case you have a begonia and it’s flowering, have you ever seen that it has two different-looking flowers? Do you know there are separate female and male flowers?  Vegetation, just like the holly used for adornment throughout the holidays, have crops with male flowers and crops with feminine flowers and you need to have one plant of every to supply these purple berries. Form of bizarre, proper? These are known as dioecious crops, as you want two.

Monoecious crops

So monecious crops are crops which have female and male flowers on the identical plant. So no, you don’t want two crops to make seeds. In Greek mon=one and oikos=home, so one plant has every part it wants “in home” to breed. A begonia has male (staminate) and feminine (pistillate) flowers on the identical plant. A lot of the flowers proven under are from the ‘Canary Wings’ dragon wing begonia.


Have you ever seen the distinction? The feminine flowers have a form of curly-looking yellow pistils in the midst of the flower as you may see under on the correct. The male flowers then again have stamens which you’ll be able to see on the left.  


One other technique to inform it’s a feminine flower is by the presence of a winged ovary beneath the flower. Under you may see the ovaries from the again.

begonia flowers

Feminine begonia flowers

Seed pods

The ovaries, in fact, are the keeper of the seeds. As you may see under on the begonia boliviensis, the seed capsules are ripening and it’s straightforward to see the “winged” a part of the ovary. 

I like flowers and generally we simply admire them however don’t actually LOOK at them. These begonias I go each day on my porch have enraptured me and I couldn’t assist however take a more in-depth have a look at the flowers. Have you ever seen your begonia flowers? Do you know there have been female and male flowers on the identical plant? Take teh time to actually have a look at your crops.

Have an amazing week, plant mates, and all the time keep curious!