Tips on how to Determine and Entice a Tree Swallow


Discover ways to determine a female and male tree swallow. Discover out about their nests, tune, vary map and what tree swallows eat.

tree swallows on backyard wind spinnerCourtesy Lisa Religion
A feminine and male tree swallow

Tree Swallow Details

Scientific Title: Tachycineta bicolor
Household: Swallow
Size: 5-3/4 inches
Wingspan: 14-1/2 inches
Distinctive Markings: A male tree swallow is iridescent greenish-blue above and white under. Females could also be duller.

Tips on how to Determine a Tree Swallow

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Courtesy Cynthia Brennan

“I took this picture of a chicken (above) at a neighborhood park. Are you able to inform me what it’s?” Birds & Blooms reader Cynthia Brennan, Glens Falls, New York

Birding specialists Kenn and Kimberly Kaufman: Solely half the chicken is seen right here, however that’s sufficient. The brief, extensive, flat invoice means that it is a member of the swallow household. It feeds on flying bugs, opening its mouth extensive and scooping them from the air in flight. The truth that this chicken is looking of a birdhouse offers one other clue. In japanese North America, the one swallows that nest in birdhouses are purple martins and tree swallows. The snowy white throat contrasting with the steel-blue high of the pinnacle makes this one an ideal match with the tree swallow.

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Nest and Eggs

Donna Brownrigg
Nestlings in a tree cavity

The feminine builds nest in a cavity utilizing grass, needles and feathers, and lays as much as eight white eggs. Nest packing containers designed for bluebirds additionally appeal to this swallow.

Be taught extra about swallows’ nests and nesting habits.

What Does a Tree Swallow Eat?

The hardiest swallow, it arrives early in spring and even winters over in some localities. When bugs are unavailable, the tree swallow feeds totally on bayberries; some wintering birds have additionally been seen selecting seeds from pond ice. To draw them, develop native vegetation to draw bugs.

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Initially Revealed: February 03, 2022