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Cyclamen Plant

Cyclamen (Persian violet) is a perennial flowering plant within the household Primulaceae, one among 23 genera.  A majority of species produce their leaves in autumn, develop via the winter and die in spring; the plant then goes dormant in the course of the dry summer time. Leaf form varies inside and amongst species, in addition to amongst totally different specimens inside a species. In Cyclamen hederifolium and Cyclamen repandum, the leaves are formed like ivy, with angled and lobed edges; in Cyclamen coum, the leaves are spherical quite than practically spherical, and in cyclamen persicum, the leaves are heart-shaped with some extent. The leaf margins of Cyclamen coum subspecies are clean. Cyclamen graecum, for instance, has positive tooth.

There are a number of species of this plant, native to Europe and the Mediterranean Basin; others are discovered within the Caucasus and Iran. These crops develop from tubers and are valued for his or her flowers with angled petals and extremely patterned leaves.

It’s potential for flowering to happen at any time of the yr, relying on the species. Summer season and autumn deliver the bloom of Cyclamen hederifolium and Cyclamen purpurascens, whereas winter brings the flower of persicum and spring brings the bloom of repandum.

Cyclamen Plant


Scientific identify                       Cyclamen

Widespread identify                       Alpine Violet, Persian Violet,  Sowbread.

Plant sort                                 Perennial plant

Solar                                              Brilliant, oblique gentle

Soil                                               Nicely-drained, loamy soil

Soil pH                                        6.0

Flower colours                           Pink, violet, crimson, and white

Blooming time                         Fall to spring

Growing and Care Cyclamen

Rising and Care Cyclamen Plant

When cultivating crops, it’s crucial to take care of them correctly so that they final from yr to yr.

Cyclamen Plant indoors | cyclamen hederifolium

Rising from seeds

Persian Violet seeds ought to be planted in 3 to 4-inch pots crammed with well-draining compost and sand. Add about 20 seeds to every pot, after which cowl them with a positive layer of compost or grit. Seeds germinate within the fall and winter, so they like to germinate in chilly, darkish climate.

You can even accumulate cyclamen seeds by pulling open the seed capsules earlier than they totally mature and break up open. In some instances, nonetheless, in case you harvest them too quickly, the seed gained’t survive. As you gently squeeze cyclamen plant seeds between your fingers, the un-ripened, growing capsules really feel exhausting and agency.

Rising from cuttings

Clippings from the stems or leaves of cyclamen crops ought to by no means be rooted. These crops are propagated from the swollen underground roots, known as “tubers,” in underground pots. The tuber is the reproductive organ of crops. Propagation will be achieved by dividing the tubers within the fall after they’re lifted from the soil.


Most cyclamens are grown indoors in pots, the place they are going to obtain loads of pure gentle. When the plant is actively rising within the winter, it wants brilliant, oblique gentle. Persian Violet ought to be saved in a cool, darkish place with numerous air circulation in the course of the summer time when the plant is dormant.


If you’re planting cyclamens, make certain they’re planted in moist, well-drained soil produced from chalk, clay, loam, or sand with an acidic, alkaline, or impartial pH stability. They like shade as a result of their soil wants to remain cool and moist. If you’re planting in containers, you should use a daily potting combine however add some sphagnum peat to the soil to boost the acidity.


Earlier than watering cyclamen crops, verify if the soil feels dry to the contact, then water solely. Don’t go away the plant on this dry situation for a very long time with out exhibiting any indicators of moisture. Hanging leaves and flowers are attributable to moisture. If you’re watering the plant, don’t let the water contact the stems or leaves. Water the plant from under the leaves. Ideally, you must water the plant two or 3 times per week. A weekly and even fortnightly checkup might be extra applicable within the winter.

Temperature and Humidity

A Cyclamen plant doesn’t do properly in excessive warmth, drafts, or dry air. In the course of the day, they like temperatures between 60 and 70 levels Fahrenheit, whereas at night time they like temperatures between 40 and 50 levels Fahrenheit.

Humidity between 40 and 60 p.c is ideal for cyclamens. Extreme moisture and insufficient air flow result in insect infestations and illnesses. Winter indoor humidity is just too low for houseplants. Place your Cyclamen on a pebble tray or use a humidifier to compensate for the wanted humidity.


An all-purpose houseplant fertilizer like a 10-10-10 or 20-20-20 is generally really helpful for cyclamens. Water your cyclamen completely earlier than fertilizing. Including iron to a whole houseplant fertilizer might profit Cyclamen crops with yellowing leaves.

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