The Origin & Historical past Of The Christmas Tree – Ted Lare


Pagan Roots

The observe of adorning one’s dwelling with evergreen boughs truly predates Christianity. It started as a Pagan custom to have fun the Winter Solstice, which is seen because the time that the Solar God begins to regain its energy. The Celt’s adorned temples with evergreen boughs to have fun eternal life, whereas the Vikings utilized evergreens to honor the God of Peace and Mild. Egyptians honored the Solar God Ra by adorning their properties with inexperienced palm fronds, and the traditional Romans celebrated the Solstice with a feast referred to as Saturnalia. This was in honor of Saturn (the God of Agriculture) and sometimes included adorning the house and temple with evergreen boughs. 

The Daybreak of ‘Paradise Bushes’

Decorations utilized in celebrations like Saturnalia and the honoring of Solar Gods differ a good bit from what we now know because the Christmas tree. Nonetheless, the origin is vital to notice. It’s believed that Christmas timber might have begun as ‘Paradise Bushes,’ which represented the Backyard of Eden in performances on Christmas Eve in medieval Germany. When the Clergy banned these performances, it’s believed that many started bringing evergreen boughs, branches, and timber into their dwelling to have fun in secret.