Seed Stratification Defined & Stopping Fungus Gnats: Enhance Germination and Cease Issues


Stratification is the method of giving your seeds a interval of ‘chilly’ to organize them for higher germination. When you dont stratify seeds, they will nonetheless germinate however the fee is usually a lot decrease and so they can really take 2 or 3 instances longer to germinate. A fridge is all you want. Most seeds do not have to be stratified. Usually talking many perennials, which are native to areas with a freezing  winter, profit from a chilling interval. I ready a listing of 35 crops that may profit from being stratified. These are crops I usually seed begin.

There are two methods to stratify seeds. One is known as moist and the opposite is dry. Dry is the one course of I do as a result of it’s what’s most sensible when beginning seeds indoors. Moist stratification is not more than planting your seeds in a moistened (moist) beginning combine and exposing the entire set as much as a chilly interval. That’s excellent for greenhouses, chilly frames, and locations the place you may handle temperatures. You can too place the seeds in a bag on a humid paper towel. I discover the dry methodology to be efficient with much less work. Deal with the moist methodology bag like a seed pack.


Anise (Hyssop)
Asclepias (Butterfly Weed)
Bachelor Buttons
Beebalm (Bergamont)
Cantaberry Bells
Coneflower (Echinacea)
Delphinium (Larkspar)
False Indigo
Joe Pie Weed
Poppy (Perennial)
St Johns Wort
Strawberry (Wild)
Sunflowers (Perennial Sort)
Vervain (Verbena)

Seed packs will be positioned within the fridge for 4-8 weeks. There isn’t a info on precisely how lengthy totally different plant varieties want the chilly durations to final for his or her seeds. The above vary appears to be fantastic. The temperature ought to be close to 32 Fahrenheit or 0 Celsius in principle however most fridges are a number of levels above freezing and that works. Purchase your seeds, that want stratification, a number of months early and toss the seed packs within the fridge. Take them out about 5 days earlier than planting and allow them to really feel the heat of your property.

Stratification will be achieved on all seeds, in principle. So when unsure stratify them in a fridge. This helps handle the issue of poor germination or ready for germination. Fungus gnats are the opposite main drawback when beginning crops indoors since you are inside, in a small area, and the fungus gnats solely have one place to go. They may infest your seed begins. They haven’t any the place to go, they haven’t any enemies, and the water and heat residence temperatures are all they should hatch and multiply.

I like to recommend making a sterile beginning combine for that above motive. Microbes aren’t wanted for seed beginning and will be added later at potting up or when put exterior. Right here my the video that reveals you find out how to use boiling water on beginning mixes. Most seed beginning mixes are known as dry mixes and wish hydration. Merely saturate your seed beginning combine with boiling water and never faucet water.

It is true boiling water will kill microbes, usually, however is properly value it to be sure to do not get fungus gnats. Exterior, in massive inexperienced homes, in chilly frames and different massive outside areas, boiling water is just not wanted as fungus gnats seem however they appear to be much less problematic. I recommend boiling water for indoor seed beginning, in small areas.

One of the simplest ways to deal with the issue of fungus gnats is to do every part you may to stop them.  I’ve not discovered a peat primarily based seed beginning combine that states ‘no fungus gnat eggs’. The eggs naturally find yourself within the peat moss that’s used to mix most beginning mixes. I’m not saying they’re in all beginning mixes however I’ve used many manufacturers over 20 years. If I’m not diligent about prevention, they have an inclination to indicate up. I can be doing an entire seed beginning collection for 2022 if you wish to comply with me YouTube.