SE Radio 590: Andy Suderman on Standing Up Kubernetes : Software program Engineering Radio


andy sudermanAndy Suderman, CTO of Fairwinds, joins host Robert Blumen to speak about standing up a kubernetes cluster. Their dialogue covers build-your-own versus managed clusters supplied by cloud companies, and find out how to decide the variety of kubernetes clusters a corporation wants. Andy describes greatest practices for automating cluster provisioning, and affords suggestions about customizations and opinionation of cloud service suppliers, alternative of container registry, and whether or not it is best to run complementary companies resembling CI and monitoring on the identical cluster. The episode additionally examines the day 0/day 1/day 2 lifecycle, cluster auto-scaling on the cloud service degree, integrating stateful companies and different cloud companies into your cluster, and kubernetes secrets and techniques and options. Lastly, they contemplate the container-network interface (CNI), ingress and cargo balancers, and provisioning exterior DNS and TLS certificates for cluster companies.

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