Rising A Swiss Cheese Vine (2023)


A monstera adansonii swiss cheese plant in a white pot grows on a moss covered trellis the text at the bottom reads joyusgarden.com.

The Swiss Cheese Vine is a well-liked trailing houseplant with distinctive cut-out foliage. Monstera adansonii care is simple, and I share rising tricks to maintain yours wholesome and looking out nice.

This attractive, distinctive vine is beloved for its eye-catching, perforated leaves and wild coaching nature. Caring on your Monstera adansonii doesn’t should be difficult. You may maintain your lacy vine wholesome, rising, and looking out good with a couple of easy suggestions.

Botanic identify: Monstera adansonii  Frequent names: Swiss Cheese Vine, 5 Holes Plant, Adanson’s Monstera

Observe: This publish was initially revealed on 9/12/2020. It was up to date with extra data on 9/4/2023.

Monstera Adansonii Traits

Monstera Adansonii growing indoors in a basket weave plant pot, sitting atop a stool and growing on moss pole.

I gave my Swiss Cheese Vine a giant prune a couple of months in the past. It’s filling in & seems to be a lot better now. You may see what it appeared like earlier than (plus me pruning it) by scrolling to the pruning video on the backside.

What’s enjoyable about this plant is that it may be left to path, skilled to climb, or each, like mine. When rising in its pure setting, a Monstera adansonii climbs tree trunks and grows alongside the bottom. That’s what the aerial roots are for (they make propagating this plant a snap!), and you’ll see a photograph of them a couple of photographs down.


I’ve seen these vegetation offered in 4″, 6″, and eight″ pots. Indoors, they climb and/or path to 10-15′. When rising outside, they will climb and path to 50′.

The leaves of younger vegetation are small, however as they age, the leaves get bigger. In nature, the leaves of mature vegetation are fairly substantial.

Monstera Adansonii Development Charge

My Swiss Cheese Vine grows quick indoors. I repotted mine a couple of years in the past, and 4 months later, it already wanted a taller trellis. I simply gave it a giant prune as a result of the paths have been getting out of hand for the spot it’s rising in!

Makes use of

It is a tabletop or hanging plant. As yours grows and with help, it could actually develop into a ground plant.

A Monstera adansonii climbs bushes and grows alongside the bottom. Indoors or out, it likes to climb and path. The aerial roots make it excellent for staking with moss poles or trellis’.

close of of the lacy leaves of a monstera adansonii swiss cheese vine houseplant
Right here’s my Monstera adansonii (it’s a lot larger now!) earlier than I repotted it. You may see how lacy the leaves are.

Monstera Adansonii Care Information

Monstera Adansonii Gentle

They like and do greatest in shiny, pure mild—what I’d name reasonable publicity. Close to however not in a window is nice. They’ll tolerate low mild, however you’ll see little development, and the plant turns into very spindly.

Monstera adansoniis are epiphytic (technically hemiepiphytic) like Pothos, Arrowhead Vines, and Monstera deliciosas. Of their native environments, they develop in shiny, oblique mild underneath the duvet of different vegetation.

If the direct daylight is just too robust (like a scorching, west publicity near a window), it’ll trigger the leaves to scorch, exhibiting up as brown marks. Dappled or filtered daylight is okay.

I dwell in sunny Tucson, AZ. Mine grows subsequent to a north-facing image and will get plenty of shiny, oblique mild all day.

When you develop your Monstera adansonii in a spot with out sufficient mild, it received’t develop as rapidly or vigorously as these in brighter spots, and the expansion will develop into leggy and skinny from stretching out in the direction of the sunshine supply. 

Rotate your plant if want be so the sunshine hits it on each side. You might have to maneuver yours to a brighter spot as the intense mild modifications within the winter months. Extra on Winter Houseplant Care right here.

Monstera Adansonii Watering

I water my 8″ Monstera adansonii plant when the soil combine is 1/2 to three/4 of the best way dry. That tends to be each 7 – 9 days within the hotter months and each 14 – 20 days when winter comes round.

Discover a blissful medium. Preserve your Swiss Cheese Vine not too moist and never too dry.

I can’t provide you with a precise watering schedule. Yours would possibly have to be watered roughly often than mine, relying on the pot dimension, the kind of soil it’s planted in, the placement the place it’s rising, and your house’s setting. 

If you water, water till it runs out of the underside of the pot, and discard any extra from the saucer if it’s sitting on one.

Two issues: Don’t water yours too typically (it will result in root rot, and the plant will finally die), and again off on the watering frequency within the winter when the sunshine ranges are much less intense.

Need extra information on watering houseplants? I’ve performed A Information To Watering Indoor Crops that you simply would possibly wish to take a look at. 


If your house is snug for you, it’ll be so on your houseplants, too. This Monstera prefers it hotter within the rising months and cooler within the winter.

Simply remember to maintain it away from any chilly drafts and air-con or heating vents.


Like all tropical vegetation, the Monstera adansonii loves excessive humidity.  They’re native to South America and the tropical jungle areas however do wonderful in our properties’ humidity ranges.

If the leaves present tiny brown suggestions, that’s a response to the dry air in our properties. I dwell in scorching, dry Tucson, the place the humidity averages about 25%, and a number of the leaves of my houseplants (together with this one) have them. 

I’ve a big, deep kitchen sink with a faucet water filter. Each few months, I take it to the sink, spray the foliage, and go away it in there for an hour or so to briefly up the ante on the humidity issue. Plus, it retains the mud from build up on the foliage, hindering the foliage respiration course of.

I’ve this humidity meter in my eating room. It’s cheap however does the trick and nonetheless works wonderful after a couple of years. I run my Cover humidifiers when the humidity reads low, typically within the Arizona desert!

Right here’s one other factor you’ll be able to attempt. If yours seems to be harassed and also you suppose it’s as a consequence of lack of humidity, fill the saucer with pebbles and water. Put the plant on the pebbles, however be certain that the drainage holes and/or the underside of the pot aren’t submerged in water.

Misting the plant a few occasions per week is another choice. I’ve had this mister for 5 years now, and it’s going robust.

A finger points at a leaf node of a monstera adansonii swiss cheese vine.
I’m pointing at a root node. You’ll see them up & down the stems. The roots emerge from right here, making propagation quick & straightforward.

Monstera Adansonii Fertilizer

Spring and summer time are the very best occasions to fertilize your vegetation. Early fall is okay, too, should you’re in a temperate local weather.

My Monstera adansonii will get fertilized with Maxsea, Sea DevelopDevelop Huge, or Liquid Kelp seven occasions in the course of the rising season. It’s how I feed my tropical plant collections. I alternate utilizing these granular and liquid fertilizers and don’t combine them.

We have now a protracted rising season right here in Tucson, and houseplants recognize these plant meals’ vitamins. Two or 3 times a yr would possibly do it on your plant should you’re in a local weather with a shorter rising zone.

No matter houseplant meals you utilize, don’t over-fertilize your plant as a result of salts construct up and might burn the roots of the plant. This may present up as brown spots on the present and new leaves.

Keep away from fertilizing a harassed houseplant, i.e. bone dry or soaking moist.

It’s greatest to carry off feeding or fertilizing your Houseplants in late fall or winter as a result of it’s their time for relaxation.

Monstera Adansonii Repotting/Soil

These vegetation don’t thoughts rising barely pot sure. They’re vigorous and quick growers, so that you’ll have to repot each 2-3 years, relying on how yours is rising. 

Be certain the potting combine has good drainage, is nicely aerated, and has added amendments.

I’ve performed a publish and video devoted to Repotting A Monstera Adansonii, which will provide you with the mandatory data.

close up of a monstera adansonii swiss cheese vine growing up a moss trellis
Right here it’s earlier than I did the first pruning. It’ll be time to get a plant stand quickly, so a few of these stems can path down!


I included this as a result of you’ll be able to prepare your plant to develop upwards should you don’t need it to path. Utilizing a Moss Pole is the commonest approach to help a Swiss Cheese Vine, however I wished to do one thing completely different.

Right here’s how I Educated My Monstera Adansonii utilizing a DIY moss trellis. 

Monstera Adansonii Pruning

Yours will want it! You’ll wish to prune a Swiss Cheese Vine to coach, propagate, or management legginess. 

Whether or not you tip prune or do extra intensive pruning is as much as you.

As I’m updating this publish, mine is about 5 years outdated. I’ve simply pruned it (considerably severely) as a result of it was getting leggy and a bit uncontrolled. You’ll discover the video exhibiting the method beneath.

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Propagating Monstera Adansonii

Like different Monstera vegetation, this one is a snap to propagate. You’ll see nodes on the stems (the place the roots emerge from), which these jungle vegetation use to anchor their stems to different vegetation.

To propagate by stem cuttings, prune a stem proper beneath a leaf node and aerial root. Be certain your Pruners Are Clear & Sharp. They will then be put in water or a lightweight combine to simply root.

I wish to propagate them in water to see the rooting motion. The rooting course of is quick; you’ll see roots rising from the nodes in 7 to 10 days. They’ll be good to plant after a month or so.

One other methodology of propagating a Monstera adansonii is by division.

Two long monstera adansonii swiss cheese vine cuttings sit on a table.
These are the lengthy stems that I lower off from my plant. I lower the stems down a bit additional & now they’re rooting away in water.


My Monsteras have by no means gotten any pests (up to now, anyway). They are often inclined to MealybugsScale, and Spider Mites, so maintain your eyes open.

Pests dwell inside the place the leaf hits the stem, on the stems, and beneath the leaves, so verify these areas often.

It’s greatest to take motion as quickly as you see any pest as a result of they multiply like loopy. Pests can journey from houseplant to houseplant quick, so be sure you get them underneath management pronto.

Monstera Adansonii Poisonous To Cats & Canine

The Monstera adansonii, like different vegetation within the Araceae household, is taken into account poisonous to pets. I at all times take a look at the ASPCA web site for my information on this topic and see in what means the plant is poisonous. Though the positioning says Swiss Cheese Plant, it applies to this Monstera additionally.

Most Houseplants Are Poisonous To Pets indirectly, and I share my ideas on this matter.

Monstera Adansonii Care Video Information

Monstera Adansonii Pruning Video Information 

Monstera Adansonii Care FAQs

Why are the leaves on my Monstera Adansonii turning yellow?

First, if it’s an occasional yellow leaf, don’t fear. That’s the pure development behavior of any plant.

It’s exhausting to pinpoint the precise trigger with out understanding extra particulars like pot dimension, soil kind, watering schedule, and your house’s setting. There are a couple of causes for yellow leaves: inconsistent watering (together with an excessive amount of water or too little), an excessive amount of fertilizing, improper mild ranges (an excessive amount of or too little), the soil combine being too heavy, or lack of drainage.

Mine is leggy. How do you make a Monstera Adansonii fuller?

That is good to know relating to Monstera adansonii care. These vegetation develop so quick that they will simply get leggy.

The easiest way to stop legginess and encourage bushiness is to tip prune the stems (wherever from 1 – 4 leaf nodes down the tip of the stem) often. Or, you are able to do a extra aggressive pruning as wanted.

Ought to I stake my Monstera adansonii?

You may should you’d like. It’s typically offered as a trailing plant, however many individuals (like me!) prepare it to develop upwards.

Why do the leaves of my Monstera adansonii have brown suggestions? 

If yours has small brown suggestions, that’s in response to dry air. If the guidelines are bigger, that’s normally a watering situation.

Does a Monstera adansonii wish to be root-bound?

As I stated, they don’t thoughts rising barely root-bound. This plant grows quick, and so do the roots. It’s time to repot when the roots develop into tight and wrap round one another.

Conclusion: Keep in mind to offer the appropriate stability of sunshine, water, and humidity. Permit your Swiss Cheese Vine to climb or path because it naturally wishes, and prune and propagate to maintain it wholesome and bushy.

Monstera adansonii care is simple. Nonetheless you prepare it (or don’t!), this plant will likely be a enjoyable and cherished addition to your houseplant assortment. It’s a unique-looking trailing plant that can make an amazing addition to any dwelling. Get pleasure from!

Glad gardening,

Signed by Nell Foster

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