Ridding Your Houseplants Of Fungus Gnats


Bugs are sometimes intimidating houseplants. How the little critters get into your own home to hassle the flora is little question a thriller to you as it’s to me. One of many most important culprits of the bug world that wish to play together with your crops is the fungus gnat. In fact, they’re small and so they have a black or grayish colour. You possibly can typically see them scurrying alongside the leaves or flying round your houseplants.

They’re greater than an irritant, they’re a hazard to your crops. Their larvae burrow into the soil and love consuming the plant’s roots. The gnats can shortly get uncontrolled and turn into an unlimited annoyance. It isn’t solely helpful to your houseplant to do away with them; additionally it is helpful for you and your loved ones, too.

Why You See Fungus Gnats On Your Vegetation

Fungus gnats normally sneak into your own home nestled within the compost of the plant. They thrive in darkish, damp circumstances. Thus, these critters usually tend to seem if the plant is overwatered or in the course of the autumn and winter months when there could be moisture within the air and plant soil dries out much less shortly.

One glorious picture of a Spider Plant Courtesy: dipsydoodlenoodle at flickr.com

Ridding These Pests

Eliminating fungus gnats is definitely a comparatively straightforward activity. For instance, you possibly can droop watering your crops for a bit of little bit of time. This enables the plant soil to dry out considerably in order that it isn’t soggy. It additionally helps in the event you place the threatened plant in a vibrant place so there may be loads of mild and heat. Placing it subsequent to a window that will get direct daylight could be ultimate.

When the soil of the plant has dried out, take away the plant from the window to keep away from the direct mild from scorching the leaves if left there too lengthy.

Guarantee that the soil is clear. If there are previous leaves current merely take away them. The Gnats feed on rotting leaves.

To guarantee that they don’t come again, stick a yellow cheesy entice into the soil. The fungus gnats are interested in the colour yellow.

Different strategies to do away with these bugs embrace putting a fan close to the affected plant. Flip the fan on in order that air is flowing over the soil. It will make it tough for grownup gnats to fly and it’ll additionally help in drying the soil.

Neem oil is one other treatment. Spray it on the plant and on high of the soil to maintain the gnats away. The oil additionally eliminates different pesky bugs. Nonetheless, don’t spray it on flowering crops. There’s a notice of warning when utilizing neem oil, it has a robust scent that takes time to dissipate.

A 3rd various is Essentria IC3 Insecticide. Generally known as a mattress bug killer, the substance works shortly and is natural. Simply spray on the plant.

It’s also possible to depend on BT Micro organism or Hydrogen Peroxide. BT is used to kill caterpillars. Add both to water in a ratio of 1 to 4 components water after which water your crops.

A substance that’s ultimate for killing the larvae is food-grade diatomaceous earth. Simply sprinkle a bit of over the soil.

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