Pink Clover: A Cowl Crop & Herb


Pink clover (Trifolium pratense) is an herbaceous biennial plant native to Europe that has naturalized all through North America. Whereas some contemplate purple clover a weed, herbalists, and gardeners acknowledge its worth. This lovely plant is great for soil and human well being. Listed here are among the causes we’re large followers of purple clover and the way we use it. 

Pink Clover as a Cowl Crop

Pink clover is a nitrogen-fixing cowl crop. It’s a wonderful selection for including inexperienced manure to construct up soils and a very good nectar supply for some pollinators. You may sow it in fallow fields, pathways, and small openings to assist suppress weeds. 

You may sow purple clover in early spring, late summer time, or fall as a winter cowl crop. It may be somewhat sluggish to ascertain, so sow clovers not less than 40 days earlier than your common first frost.

Think about using buckwheat as a nurse crop in case you’re sowing purple clover through the hotter months. The clover will develop slowly below the buckwheat till fall frost kills the buckwheat, permitting the clover to ascertain shortly with out the necessity for fall tilling.Bumblebee on a red clover blossom

Pink Clover in Natural Medication

I’m not a physician. This text is for informational functions solely. Seek the advice of a doctor or scientific herbalist earlier than utilizing natural cures to deal with any situation. 

Herbalists have used purple clover for hundreds of years to deal with a variety of circumstances, from menopause to whooping cough. A lot of its makes use of revolved round feminine well being. Fashionable science is starting to discover the properties of crops, together with purple clover. Whereas additional analysis is required, purple clover tea and tincture might have a couple of potential advantages.

Advantages of Pink Clover

  • Pink clover incorporates phytoestrogens, which might mimic estrogen within the physique.
  • Pink clover might cut back osteoarthritis signs associated to menopause. A 2015 research of 60 girls discovered that taking purple clover extract over 12 weeks lowered bone mineral density loss within the backbone.
  • In one other research of 109 postmenopausal girls, individuals reported pores and skin and hair texture enhancements after taking purple clover extract for 90 days.

Additional analysis is required in all of those instances. Don’t use purple clover you probably have a hormone-sensitive situation like breast most cancers. 

Harvesting and Utilizing Pink Clover

Past its well being advantages, purple clover can also be simply an gratifying herb to make use of. Each the leaves and the flowers are edible. A few of it’s possible you’ll keep in mind pulling the pink blossoms from the flowerhead and consuming them as a child. 

The leaves, which have a gentle bean-like taste, might be added to salads. The blossoms, that are candy, can be utilized in tea, baked items, or salads. It’s greatest to interrupt them up or pull the tubular flowers from the flowerhead, as entire flowerheads might be dry and hard to chew.

Harvest leaves and flowers that look recent and are free from dried, brown spots. Bear in mind to depart some blooms for the pollinators, particularly in case you’re harvesting from wild patches.

Three glasses of summertime herbal iced tea with red cloverPink Clover Tea

Making purple clover tea is straightforward: Pour about 2 cups of boiling water over about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of recent or dried purple clover blossoms and let it steep for 10 to fifteen minutes. You may as well let it cool and pour it over ice to make a enjoyable summertime natural iced tea. 

Pink clover mixes effectively with different flavors. Be at liberty to experiment with including lemon balm, mint, white clover, chamomile, or orange slices to the combo and sweeten with honey or maple syrup to style.

Pink Clover Tincture

Utilizing the people methodology, you may make a primary purple clover tincture with recent or dried purple clover blossoms. All you want is a couple of easy elements and a few persistence. 

You merely place the blossoms in a glass jar and canopy them with 80-proof alcohol. Then, hold the tincture someplace darkish for two to six weeks, shaking it as soon as a day. After this era, you possibly can pressure it and start utilizing it.

Be sure you take a look at our full directions for Folks Methodology Tinctures.

Pink clover is a enjoyable herb to develop and use. Attempt rising it as a canopy crop in your backyard this season and revel in its many soil well being, culinary, and natural advantages.