Mom-in-Legislation’s Tongue Home Plant – Sansevieria trifasciata Care Ideas


Botanical Title: Sansevieria trifasciata 

Mom-in-Legislation’s Tongue (also referred to as Snake Plant) is among the most carefree home crops you possibly can develop. It thrives in nearly any mild. Prefers dry air and soil. Hardly ever wants repotted.

It is ideally suited for newcomers, however seasoned gardeners additionally love this accent plant’s dramatic, sword-shaped leaves. Sluggish-growing, Sansevieria will reside for a few years with excellent care.

mother in law's tongue, birds nest sansevieria, sansevieria, succulent house plantsLoads of shiny mild will hold Mom-in-Legislation’s Tongue plant wholesome. Picture © Serezniy

Get to Know Your Houseplant

This succulent home plant grows stiffly upright variegated leaves, reaching about 2-ft (60 cm) tall when grown in a container. Bands of sunshine inexperienced throughout every dark-green leaf give Sansevieria an ornamental snakeskin sample.

Will it bloom? Perhaps. Clusters of small, white flowers typically develop on a tall flower stem from the bottom of a plant when it’s a few years previous. It not often blooms indoors, and it could go years between flowering, so it is a good shock when it does. These flowers are superbly scented at evening.

mother in law's tongue, sansevieria trifasciata laurentii, sansevieria flowersAromatic flowers could seem on crops grown in shiny mild. Picture ©Viktoryia Kelasyeva

An evergreen perennial, this South African succulent needs heat and daylight year-round.

Though Mom-in-Legislation’s Tongue is virtually legendary for tolerating neglect, it responds to excellent care. Give it what it needs and you will get pleasure from your houseplant for a number of years.

mother in law's tongue, birds nest sansevieria, sansevieria, succulent house plants

Mom-In-Legislation’s Tongue Varieties

Some varieties have leaves which are edged with yellow or white. Clump-forming ‘Laurentii’ is a well-liked selection that’s edged in golden yellow. 

S. trifasciata ‘Hahnii’ is a low-growing (10 in/25 cm) selection with broader leaves. Its compact, rosette type offers it the frequent title Chicken’s Nest Sansevieria. ‘Golden Hahnii’ has yellow leaf margins…’Silver Hahnii’ has silvery leaves marbled with darkish inexperienced.

Sansevieria Issues, Options and Solutions

Do not over-water. Any issues with rising Sansevieria are normally associated to watering. Permit the highest inch (2.5 cm) of soil to dry out between waterings through the rising season. In winter, water simply sufficient to forestall the soil from drying out. Overwatering will trigger root rot.

Watering Tip

Water the soil, taking care to not get water on the leaves, which can trigger them to rot. If the leaves flip yellow, or get tender and mushy at their base, it is overwatered.

Hold leaves dust-free and shiny by wiping them with a humid material. Cleansing the leaves additionally helps the plant soak up daylight by way of photosynthesis. Want one more reason to get out the mud material? Common cleansing prevents pests from taking over residence.

Look ahead to pests. Mealybugs are interested in succulents. Search for white, cotton-like specks clustered close to the bottom of the leaves. Mealybugs suck plant juices, inflicting injury if left untreated. Spider mites are maybe probably the most dreaded houseplant pest. They’re so tiny, you may most likely solely discover the fantastic webbing between leaves. Wipe off webs and spray with insecticidal cleaning soap. Isolate any infested houseplant and deal with your plant immediately. In case your houseplant is badly broken, do away with it.

Repot in spring, solely when crops get crowded and want dividing. Do not plant it too deep — hold the the plant on the similar depth it was earlier than to forestall crown rot. These roots are shallow, so a shallow pot will do. Tall varieties will change into high heavy, so use a large, heavy container to forestall toppling.

Mom-in-Legislation’s Tongue Care Ideas

mother-in-law's tongue, snake plant, sansevieria, common house plants, succulent house plants

Origin: South Africa

Top: As much as 2 ft (60 cm); some varieties are low-growing

Mild: Vibrant mild to full solar. Will tolerate low mild.

Water: Hold soil flippantly moist within the rising season. In winter, water simply sufficient to forestall the soil from drying out. Permit the highest 1-inch (2.5 cm) to dry out earlier than watering once more. Take care to not water the middle of the rosette of leaves as a result of they’re going to rot simply if stored moist.

Humidity: Common room (round 40% relative humidity). Mom-in-law’s tongue will tolerate dry air, however hold it away from air vents or drafts.

Temperature: Common room temperatures 65-75°F/18-24°C. Do not expose Mom-in-Legislation’s Tongue to temps beneath 60°F/16°C; this South African succulent would not just like the chilly.

Soil: Cactus potting combine is right as a result of it’s fast-draining

Fertilizer: Feed as soon as a month spring by way of fall with fertilizer specifically made for succulent crops.

Propagation: Division or leaf cuttings. Sansevieria is straightforward to divide as a result of it has shallow roots. Merely flip the pot on its aspect and pull out all the plant. Use a pointy knife to chop by way of the thick roots and pot every clump individually. To propagate Mom-in-Legislation’s Tongue by leaf cuttings, lower leaf into 2-inch (5 cm) items and place them proper aspect up (the way in which they have been rising) in moist perlite or cactus potting combine; they’ll develop plantlets across the base of the cuttings.

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