Methods to Appeal to Owls to Nest in Your Yard


The place do owls stay? Welcome these nighttime fliers to your yard. Consultants reveal the way to appeal to owls and supply shelter in nest containers.

baby owls, how to attract owlsCourtesy Brent Barnes
Nice horned owlets in a suburban neighborhood tree

Owls are each common and mysterious. They’re so obscure, in truth, that most individuals report they’ve by no means seen one in actual life, not to mention a yard owl. However some forms of owls stay in suburban neighborhoods, backyards and metropolis parks. Be taught extra about the place owls stay and learn the way to draw owls to nest and stay in your yard by following these skilled suggestions.

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1. Appeal to Owls With Timber and Vegetation

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Barred owl

Native vegetation are the perfect guess if you wish to know the way to appeal to owls. Timber present nesting locations and shelter, and herbaceous vegetation provide habitat for prey. 

Most sorts of owls like to cover inside dense cowl in the course of the day and enterprise out solely at night time. Evergreen bushes present this sort of shelter year-round. Relying on the place you reside, very best selections embrace pine, spruce or juniper; test with an area native plant nursery to search out out which bushes develop finest in your area. Finally you could discover long-eared owls, northern saw-whet owls, nice horned owls or different species nestled away among the many branches, sleeping the day away.

Jap screech-owls are frequent and widespread east of the Rockies, with western screech-owls changing them farther west, and each usually lurk in cities and cities. Nonetheless, to nest and lift younger, they want cavities akin to woodpecker holes or pure hollows in bushes. In case you can safely go away lifeless bushes or giant lifeless limbs standing, these usually have holes that owls use.

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2. Supply Nest Bins for Cavity-Nesting Owls

photograph credit score: Gail Buquoi
Screech-owls will use nest containers

Go a step additional and set up birdhouses for cavity-nesting species, like screech-owls and barred owls. Screech-owls could use nest containers designed for wooden geese or American kestrels, with an entrance gap at the very least 3 inches in diameter. They relaxation close to their nests in the course of the day, so including a nest field to your yard provides you an opportunity to see them extra usually.

how to attract owls to nest boxesJohann Schumacher Design
Barn owls could increase their younger inside man-made constructions, like nest containers, barns and even houses.

In cooler climates, the Northern saw-whet owl additionally adopts nest containers, though it favors a 2-inch entrance gap. Some bigger owls additionally nest in cavities, together with barn owls and barred owls.

You should purchase pre-made owl nest containers (bookmark this useful birdhouse gap dimension chart) or you may as well construct your personal. Take a look at for constructing plans.

Owl Nesting Field Placement

baby screech owlCourtesy Gail Corridor
Child screech owls in a nest field

“What’s the very best location and peak for an owl field? asks reader Kathy Lorigan of Easton, Pennsylvania.

Birding consultants Kenn and Kimberly Kaufman say, “In your space, the owls more than likely to maneuver right into a nest field are japanese screech owls. They’ll use containers much like ones most well-liked by wooden geese, at the very least 16 inches deep and with an entrance gap of about 3 inches by 4 inches.

The field ought to be in a shady spot, and about 10 ft above the bottom. Fastening it to the trunk of a giant tree may match, however in an space with many predators, it’s finest to put it on a tall pole that’s protected with a baffle or predator guard.

Yard Tip: In case you stay in farm nation, you might be able to place a barn owl field on the fringe of open fields or in a barn loft. Barred owls favor dense, swampy woods, and so they like nest containers which might be excessive in bushes.

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4. Say No to Pesticides and Poisons

Barn owl with a dead mouse, Indiana, USAjanbecke1/Getty Photos
Barn owl with a mouse

To efficiently lure owls to nest, increase infants and make a house in your property, it’s a must to additionally appeal to the creatures they hunt. Screech-owls feed on giant bugs, akin to moths and beetles, and small animals akin to mice. In case you use pesticides or rodenticides round your backyard, these poisons could wipe out the prey earlier than the owls discover them. Worse, the poisons could also be handed alongside on to the owls.

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5. Maintain Cats Indoors

Even when they’re well-fed, prowling home cats kill many small wild animals. Wiping out populations of mice, voles, lizards and different creatures could not go away sufficient to assist a household of screech-owls or different small owls. On the flip facet, a cat that wanders exterior at night time may turn out to be a meal for a big species like a terrific horned owl. It’s higher for everybody to maintain home cats inside homes the place they belong.

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