Liquid or Granular Pre Emergent for Crabgrass


Since we began carrying the brand new 5oz “liquid” prodiamine late final 12 months, one query I’m getting usually now could be “which is healthier, liquid or granular prodiamine?”

I’m going to provide you just a few totally different explanation why to contemplate each, however the brief reply is “the only option is the one that you just, the DIYer really feel most snug making use of,” or stated one other method “the one that you could get down throughout your garden essentially the most persistently is one of the best one to decide on.”

I’ve a complete information on pre-emergents that’s free, obtain that right here.

I say that as a result of prodiamine is a pre-emergent herbicide that stops crabgrass from showing within the garden. The best way it really works is that when you apply and water it in, a vapor barrier is created within the high portion of soil. This vapor barrier stays for a number of months and as crabgrass seeds germinate and develop the younger (very younger) crops encounter this vapor which disrupts cell division and successfully stops the the plant from rising. Science is fairly superior!
granular prodiamine
A few of this under goes to get somewhat technical – I say that as a result of a lot of you simply wish to “throw and go” and if that’s you, simply get granular and unfold it – that’s how the vast majority of y’all can have essentially the most success. Skilled garden firms throughout America use each liquid and granular. When it’s early within the season and there’s nonetheless an opportunity for a freeze, they use granular, and when issues heat up in later spring they change to liquid. So each do high quality, simply know that a lot, however if you wish to get into the small print and perceive the “why” behind my suggestions, hold studying…

How Prodiamine Works

Now simply image a vapor barrier throughout your garden. That vapor must be fixed in an effort to be utterly efficient. If there are “holes” or areas the place you didn’t get the product down accurately, evenly, persistently; these areas can fail and crabgrass will get by. So at the start, select a prodiamine product that you could apply persistently.

For a lot of DIYers, this can imply granular is the only option. That’s as a result of the vast majority of your favor granular utility for every little thing else – fertilizer, insect management, illness management, all of it. You’re snug utilizing your spreader and you’ve got gotten good at making use of granular merchandise to your land. If that’s you, then granular is finest.

As you’ll be able to see on this video demonstration, every cross I make with the granular loaded up, I’m throwing product “again to the wheel tracks of the earlier cross.” What this accomplishes is overlap and that overlap is what ensures a correct utility. Overlap is easy to do, and straightforward to see as you apply.

What About Liquid Prodiamine?

Now, if you’re somebody who has expertise utilizing a pump sprayer or battery sprayer (battery sprayer most popular for constant circulation) then liquid does supply some benefits. First off, simply image the protection you get with blanket spraying.

Let’s faux there are not any chems concerned and also you fill your pump sprayer with simply water and spray it in your driveway. It should cowl 100% of the driveway with water, like portray a wall. Are you able to image that?

Now image placing sand in your spreader and pushing that throughout the driveway. Certain, that sand will unfold out properly however when you get down and look shut there might be area between the grains.

So that is the benefit to liquids – they do cowl higher/extra totally throughout utility. Within the case of the Prodiamine 65 WDG we now have for liquid, it’s truly a “powder” of kinds often known as a “water dispersible granule” which principally means you might be createing a really high quality particle suspension in water. Because of this it’s necessary to stir it up properly upon preliminary combine and hold it agitated as you go – so the suspension stays constant.

“That analogy of protection, liquid vs granular, does this imply liquids are higher than granular and get higher protection??”

Reply: they may each work the identical if utilized in keeping with the label and a very powerful half there’s making a correct utility that will get the product down correctly.

And that’s the key: the charges on the label have to be adopted. They’re necessary as a result of math has been achieved to compensate for the variance in protection between liquid and granular. In different phrases, granular prodiamine requires far more “kilos on the bottom” in an effort to get the identical outcomes because the liquid.

Granular Prodiamine Make Up

The best way granular is formulated is that prodiamine powder is bonded to the skin of filler materials. Within the case of the prodiamine we feature, it’s bonded to limestone and muriate of potash. (that’s why it has a 0-0-7 evaluation from the potash)

Our blender, Sunniland, has a math method they use to inform them how a lot prodiamine to bond to the grains primarily based on the dimensions and consistency of these grains and the specified utility fee. As a result of I work with DIYers I’ve our product manufactured in order that primarily, 3lb of product per 1,000 sq ft offers you 3 months of pre-emergence safety.

I do that to maintain issues easy, however I additionally do it as a result of I try to formulate ALL of our ferts on the 3lbs/1,000 fee in order you make the most of my program, issues change into acquainted to you and due to this fact simpler.

So let’s cease proper right here and suppose a minute: 3lbs of grains which are coated in prodiamine are unfold throughout 1,000 sq ft of garden space. That 3lbs will present that space with about 3 months of pre-emergence safety.

How does this evaluate to the liquid?

The liquid WDG formulation, additionally made for me by Sunniland, requires .183 oz/1000 sq ft. (that is on the label)

Nevertheless, I’m going to transform that to grams as a result of that could be a extra correct measurement. .183oz = 5.2 g

prodiamine liquid vs granular

What you might be seeing on this image is the literal “kilos on the bottom” comparability of two prodiamine formulations that may do precisely the identical factor.

Abstract Comparability:

3 lbs of granular prodiamine throughout 1,000 sq ft of garden area will present 3 months of pre-emergence safety.

5.2 grams of WDG prodiamine blended into 1 gallon of water and sprayed evenly throughout 1,000 sq ft of garden area will even present about 3 months of pre-emergence safety.

See how there are a complete lot extra granulars/grains/prills wanted to cowl the 1,000 sq ft space? That’s wanted in an effort to make sure that once you water the applying in, the powder is washed off the granules and is dispersed all through the highest layers of soil.

With the liquid, you don’t want that as a result of the water acts because the provider and it’s a lot simpler to cowl evenly. Nevertheless, with the liquid, the strolling velocity turns into far more necessary as a result of when you coat the garden “skinny” by strolling too quick you’ll be able to have break by in these areas.

This is likely one of the causes that not matter what (liquid or granular) you use my “break up utility technique” which contains two purposes back-to-back that act like two coats of paint moderately than one.

(FYI- the charges I offer you right here assume you’ll be doing a break up app. Get the pre-emergent information to know intimately the break up utility technique.)

What About Prodiamine Price?

One closing angle to discover, and an necessary one, is the fee. That is a better equation to determine.

A 45lb bag of granular prodiamine is $54.99 together with delivery. That’s by far the most cost effective you can see it wherever on-line shipped on to your door. That 45 lb bag covers 15,000 sq ft using the speed I like to recommend is 3 lbs/1000. Every 3lbs/1000 utility you make provides you 3 months of pre-emergence safety. I like to recommend two of those purposes in spring, and one in fall (if you’re not seeding). 

A 5oz bottle of prodiamine WDG prices $20.48 together with delivery. That is the one small bottle of prodiamine WDG discovered wherever on the earth. The 5oz bottle covers 27,000 sq ft using the 5.2g/1000 fee I like to recommend. This fee provides you 3 months of pre-emergence safety. I like to recommend 2 of those purposes in spring and one other in fall (if you’re not seeding)

45lb bag – $54.99 covers 15,000 sq ft

That may be a value of $3.67 per 1,000 sq ft.

5 oz bottle – $20.48 covers 27,000 sq ft

That may be a value of 76 cents per 1,000 sq ft.

The liquid model is MUCH MUCH cheaper. Because of this skilled garden firms virtually at all times attempt to spray their liquid prodiamine moderately than apply granular. Chemical value is their greatest expense moreover payroll.

Liquid Pesticides are Much less Costly
You’ll discover that is the case with virtually all “ides”. Ides are my nickname for “pesticides” or what you guys name “chemical compounds.”

Issues like this pre-emergent weed management are “ides.” Prodiamine is a “herbicide” as a result of it kills crops. 

Different “ides” are “pesticides” and “fungicides” and you can see that in virtually each case, getting the liquid focus or WDG model that you just combine in water and spray goes to be cheaper.

Granular merchandise are simply larger and bulkier so you must pay for extra materials to start out with, and on high of that, they’re costlier to maneuver round.

Prodiamine DIY vs Hiring Garden Firm

If you’re extra snug utilizing the granular, then that’s the place it’s best to stick with that since you are nonetheless not spending that a lot cash once you evaluate what knowledgeable would cost you.

You probably have a 5,000 sq ft garden, knowledgeable garden spray firm will cost you wherever between $40 and $50 to use prodiamine one time for you. You may get a whole bag for $59.99 that will give your identical 5,000 sq ft garden 3 purposes or a whole 12 months of remedies. So for certain, even with granular, the DIY choice remains to be less expensive than hiring it out.

And lastly, don’t have any concern with prodiamine. When you mess it up, you aren’t going to harm something. When you go too gentle, you’ll have some breakthrough and when you go too heavy, it isn’t going to burn your garden. I don’t need you to go loopy with it on objective however when you do make a mistake and over apply, non hurt will come – you’ll simply get a lot for much longer pre-emergence safety than you want.

The important thing with all prodiamine is that it must be watered in – use ½” or irrigation or rainfall as your information and also you’ll be properly in your strategy to a crabgrass free season in 2022.