Late Fall Mowing Ideas


Proper mowing techniques are essential in late fall.

Correct slicing methods are completely important to an ecology-friendly garden. Because the depth of warmth drops in the course of the late fall season, so to will the speed at which your garden grows. Subsequently, it’s a necessity to alter the frequency (and depth) of slicing in the course of the month of November. 

Right here is all the pieces you might want to find out about your previous few mows of the season.

Bag clippings earlier than winter

In case you’re recovering from illness or doing the ultimate reduce of the season, bag clippings as a substitute of mulching such as you may do in the summertime. The much less natural materials you might have in your garden earlier than winter, the higher, as it will possibly suffocate your grass and create factors of injury in your garden. 

Mow when the garden is dry

It is troublesome to get a clear reduce when the garden is moist, and mowing a garden when it’s moist can unfold some fungal turfgrass illnesses.

Keep away from mowing your garden if the bottom is frozen or the grass is dormant or lined in frost as effectively. These points will make the grass clumpy and fragile, and also you’ll find yourself doing extra hurt than good to your garden in the long term.

A frost lined garden ought to at all times be stayed off of till the frost has lifted.

Don't mow the lawn if there is frost.

Make your final reduce earlier than winter quick

Reduce when the garden is dormant, at 1.5 inches excessive to take away summer season construct up. By elevating the mower again as much as 2.5 inches within the spring, the highest 1 inch of progress might be stunning new grass. Bear in mind to lift the slicing once more earlier than spring.

Bentgrass lawns might be reduce at 0.75 inch or decrease for remaining reduce. Bag & compost the clippings if cuttings pile up on the garden.

Ideas for coastal areas

In components of the nation the place lengthy winters, extreme snowfall, and extended intervals of snow cowl don’t persist in the course of the winter, mowing quick isn’t as essential.

Preserve common mowing heights all through your complete season, particularly in areas which might be inclined to moss infestations. Shorter mowing heights typically make it simpler for moss to take maintain on uncovered soils and unfold extra shortly. 

Many individuals mow with out ever fascinated about the well being of their garden. It is only a job to tick off the record, proper? Incorrect; you may tremendously affect the well being of your garden by mowing appropriately. Obtain our free eBook to be taught extra!

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