How To Use Horse Manure In Your Backyard – The Pissed off Gardener


No good gardener ever turns down the supply of a load of well-composted horse manure. Some could even go weak on the knees on the very point out of muck. Why? As a result of horse manure is a improbable pure fertiliser, soil conditioner and promoter of earthworms. For leafy vegetation, at all times hungry for nitrogen, there actually is nothing higher than an honest pile of poo. Nitrogen is shortly leached from the soil throughout the winter months, so an annual utility of manure supplies the right natural top-up. Flowering and fruiting vegetation additionally require potassium and phosphorus and though horse manure comprises much less of those parts, they don’t seem to be so simply misplaced from the soil. Each could be supplemented utilizing blood, fish and bone, which I apply liberally to our allotment not less than twice a yr. Now why our dahlias and sunflowers look so completely happy!

The large problem with horse manure is getting maintain of it. Chances are high, in case you stay within the countryside, you have already got a trusted supply. If not, ask round and somebody will probably be keen to share their soiled secret with you. As soon as situated, you’ve acquired the problem of getting it residence and on to your backyard. Horse manure is, by its very nature, cumbersome and also you want a good quantity of it to make a distinction. It will also be heavy, particularly when moist. If you may get it delivered, accomplish that, and take as a lot as you possibly can cope with. A tonne of manure doesn’t go so far as you may think. When you have any left over, it may be left in a nook to proceed rotting down till you’re prepared to make use of it, or there’ll at all times be associates wanting to take if off your arms. You’ll want to know the place your horse manure has come from and the way it’s been saved, as sometimes it may be contaminated with weedkillers, the roots of perennial weeds or weed seeds. Don’t be concerned concerning the look of straw, wooden shavings or sawdust. A lot of the worth of manure is within the urine-soaked animal bedding, which is especially excessive in nitrogen. Nonetheless, if it’s nonetheless very unfastened and yellow, your manure has not rotted sufficiently. Till the pure matter breaks down correctly, nitrogen will probably be ‘robbed’ from the soil, which is the other of what you need. As ever in gardening, persistence is a advantage.

We’re lucky, as a result of each January our pal drives down from North Kent with a horse field stuffed with ‘black gold’. This magnificent stuff has been rotting down for 5 – 6 years, by which period it’s scentless, crumbly and the color of an honest chocolate brownie. Every shovel-full is positively writhing with small purple worms. Age is necessary, as a result of recent horse manure could be so excessive in ammonia that it’ll harm the leaves and roots of your vegetation. At this stage will probably be smelly too. Some sources recommend it’s effective to make use of horse manure on the backyard after three to 6 months, however at this age it might nonetheless be pretty coarse, caustic and hulking. After just a few years it would have began to compost properly, and while a number of the nutrient ranges could have diminished, the feel of the manure will probably be drastically improved. After 5 – 6 years, there’s little or no signal of straw and the manure is an exquisite, friable consistency.

When you’ve acquired maintain of your manure, you will have a alternative of what to do with. Unfold over beds and borders, or beneath bushes in autumn the earthworms can have executed a lot of the give you the results you want by spring. If utilized over winter or in early spring, it would assist to fork manure in frivolously to distribute it evenly by way of the higher layer of the soil. I are usually lazy and go away this till I’m able to plant the mattress after which the manure could be turned in concurrently planting. If sowing seeds, it’s sensible to not sow instantly on to a manure mulch as will probably be too wealthy and too lumpy for profitable germination. In the event you do need to dig your manure in, then add it to the underside of trenches as you’re employed. Including manure to soil is a superb means of bettering its water retention. Crops like sweetcorn, Brussels sprouts, kale and runner beans will reward you for including beneficiant helpings frequently. As for a way a lot to manure to use, you possibly can’t actually overdo manure as you may chemical fertilisers. So long as it’s not cascading excessive of your raised beds it’s effective and can quickly calm down as soon as the worms get to work. The place you don’t need to apply manure is anywhere you’re hoping to determine wild flowers. Manure will make the soil too wealthy, encouraging competing coarse grasses and perennial weeds to take over.

Different animal manures can be found, from cows, pigs and poultry for instance, however not often are these used alone or in amount as a result of they’re very concentrated. Horse manure is far the most effective normal fertiliser as a result of it’s wealthy in natural matter and rather more mellow. Spent mushroom compost is an efficient construction improver, however not that helpful for including vitamins to the soil. It additionally tends to be alkaline, so shouldn’t be utilized to already alkaline (chalky or limey) soils like ours right here in Thanet.

Any time between now and March is okay so as to add horse manure to your beds and borders offered it’s properly rotted, if it’s brisker, you need to apply it in autumn and let the winter climate take a number of the uncooked energy out of it earlier than planting. Poor, gentle, dry soils have a tendency to learn essentially the most from any type of natural matter, because it helps so as to add weight and preserve moisture. Soil the place manure is utilized yearly for 3 years is alleged to comprise ten instances the variety of earthworms and that’s actually noticeable on our allotment.

Though there’s some greatest observe when utilizing horse manure in your backyard, the primary factor is to get on and add it. Supplied it’s not recent out of the horse’s derrière, you can not go too far fallacious. TFG.