Finest-selling Wholesale Vegetation, Palms, & Timber of 2021 for Landscaping



Wholesale plants 2021

As we kick off the brand new yr, now could be the proper time to look again and marvel at what the business achieved within the earlier yr. In any case, regardless of the shortages of wholesale vegetation & timber, enterprise was booming for a lot of landscaping corporations throughout the continent. In 2021, over 600,000 wholesale plant materials items had been sourced by GoMaterials for our members! Here’s a have a look at a few of our best-selling bulk vegetation and timber for landscapers in 2021.

Finest-Promoting wholesale vegetation within the North

Finest-Promoting wholesale vegetation within the South


Finest-selling Wholesale Vegetation in North America & Canada Area

High 4 wholesale evergreen timber (conifers) within the North
Picea Glauca

Widespread Identify: White Spruce

Description: A real northern powerhouse, this big conifer maxes out between 40 and 80 toes tall, and may face up to the harshest of colds. The needles of the white spruce are blue-green, whereas its grey bark is flaky and really skinny.

Enjoyable Reality: Whereas the ‘white’ in white spruce refers back to the shade of the wax that develops on the needles, ‘glauca’ refers to their blue-toned shade.


Picea Abies 

Widespread Identify: Norway Spruce, European Spruce

Description: A well-liked conifer that grows as quick as a meter per yr in its first 25 years of life. Its needles are evergreen, and cones are a number of the longest discovered on spruce timber.

Enjoyable Reality: This spruce is commonly used as a Christmas tree in metropolis shows world wide.


Thuja Occidentalis ‘Smaragd’

Widespread Identify: Emerald Inexperienced Arborvitae

Description: The emerald-green arborvitae is weather-hardy and disease-resistant, making it the proper selection for low-maintenance landscaping initiatives.

Enjoyable Reality: This tree maintains its attractive brilliant inexperienced needles via the winter.


Thuja Occidentalis ‘Nigra’

Widespread Identify: American Arborvitae

Description: One other common hedge or specimen evergreen tree that’s additionally low upkeep! This modest-sized conifer grows to be about 20 toes tall. Its flat, scaled needles are densely packed and so they preserve their dark-green shade all year long.

Enjoyable Reality: American arborvitae’s foliage emits a nice odor!


High 4 wholesale perennials within the North
Hemerocallis ‘Stella De Oro’

Widespread Identify: Reblooming Daylily

Description: What can’t it do? It’s hardy, low upkeep, has an extended blooming interval, nice odor, and showy yellow flower petals. No surprise daylily was a favourite for a lot of panorama installations within the final yr.

Enjoyable Reality: One other must-have for eco-sensitive landscaping, Daylilies are wonderful in attracting bees & butterflies.


Agastache Foeniculum

Widespread Identify: Anise Hyssop

Description: This native plant reaches a peak of two to 4 toes tall and blooms as of mid-summer. Its teardrop leaves are jagged on the edges, and the flower grows vertically in a cone-like form.

Enjoyable Reality: A fantastic promoting level is that this flower is that it attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, thereby selling the native ecosystem.


Anemone Canadensis

Widespread Identify: Canadian Anemone or Windflower

Description: The Canadian anemone is an attractive addition to any landscaping mission that includes water. The 2-inch white flowers bloom in spring and have a bulbous yellow middle with outward-pointing stamens. The leaves are sharply toothed.

Enjoyable Reality: The frequent identify “windflower” comes from the best way this plant gently sways within the breeze.


Liriope Muscari ‘Massive Blue’

Widespread Identify: Massive Blue LilyTurf

Description: A border plant with tall tube-like purple flowers that bloom in late summer season. A superb selection for floor cowl or beneath timber.

Enjoyable Reality: No solar? No drawback! Massive Blue LilyTurf does nice within the shade too.


High 4 wholesale shrubs within the North
Cornus Sericea

Widespread Identify: Purple Osier Dogwood, Purple Twig Dogwood

Description: This decorative shrub lasts effectively into the autumn, at which level its inexperienced ovate leaves flip a deep purple. The pleasing colours don’t cease there, this dogwood’s branches are a signature purple, and its flowers mature into white berries.

Enjoyable Reality: The foundation system thrives in moist soils and prevents soil erosion!


Buxus Microphylla ‘Winter Gem’

Widespread Identify: Winter Gem Boxwood

Description: A dense shrub with beautiful shiny leaves that makes for an awesome border plant.

Enjoyable Reality: Winter Gem Boxwood is a must have in case your landscaping design is aiming for a country and unpolished look.


Spirea X Bumalda ‘Goldflame’

Widespread Identify: Goldflame Spirea

Description: Landscaping initiatives searching for a pop of shade that lasts into the autumn usually go together with this shrub. The pointed leaves emerge as brilliant yellow earlier than maturing right into a copper shade late within the fall. They supply an awesome distinction towards the fuchsia panicle of flowers that bloom above the shrub.

Enjoyable Reality: These urban-hardy vegetation thrive amongst inner-city air pollution.


Hydrangea Arborescens ‘Annabelle’

Widespread Identify: Clean Hydrangea

Description: Hydrangea shrubs sometimes develop to be 5 toes tall and have giant flower clusters that bloom in round heads. This explicit subspecies is thought for having bigger and extra spectacular flowers than others of its form.

Enjoyable Reality: Hydrangea flowers for 2 months straight, making it a perfect decorative landscaping plant.


High 4 wholesale timber within the North
Celtis Occidentalis 

Widespread Identify: Widespread Hackberry

Description: The Widespread Hackberry’s bark could be very roughly textured and significantly suited to absorbing air air pollution in city environments. Including a splash of shade, the sunshine pointed rectangular leaves go from inexperienced to maroon within the fall.

Enjoyable Reality: The berries produced by this tree are suitable for eating uncooked.


Acer Rubrum 

Widespread Identify: Purple Maple

Description: One of many hardiest maple timber on the continent, it’s identified for the putting purple shade its 3-5 lobed leaves flip within the fall. The branches solely start farther up the trunk and type an irregular crown.

Enjoyable Reality: This maple may be discovered as north as Quebec and Newfoundland, going all the best way down the jap coast to the Florida swamplands.


Ginkgo Biloba

Widespread Identify: Maidenhair

Description: These specimen timber begin tall and slender, and their branches solely get extra erratic with age. They develop to over 100 toes and simply face up to pests and ailments.

Enjoyable Reality: Ginkgo Biloba’s frequent identify comes from the signature form of the tree’s vivid inexperienced leaves.


Tilia Americana 

Widespread Identify: Basswood, American Linden

Description: This lovely shade tree’s cover grows in a large conical form down the trunk line. A well-liked decorative tree that’s higher suited to residential neighborhoods than city environments.

Enjoyable Reality: American Linden produces little nuts that begin as aromatic yellow flowers.


Finest-selling Wholesale Palms, Timber, & Vegetation within the Southern Area 

High 4 wholesale evergreen timber (conifers) within the South
Pinus Elliotti

Widespread Identify: Slash Pine

Description: One of many pine timber with the shortest lifespans at about 200 years, Slash Pine needles are lengthy sufficient to droop. The totally grown tree averages between 50 to 100 toes tall, and the cover grows flat and sparse.

Enjoyable Reality: The lumber of slash pine is likely one of the densest hardwoods.


Taxodium Distichum

Widespread Identify: Bald Cypress

Description: The fragile needles of this conifer flip orange within the fall earlier than shedding. The tree is exceptionally hardy and thrives in most soil sorts.

Enjoyable Reality: Bald Cypress does effectively in moist environments, withstanding even floods.


Podocarpus Macrophyllus

Widespread Identify: Yew Pine

Description: This conifer couldn’t determine between leaves or needles, ending up with 1cm large linear leaves. The foliage is often very compact. Yew Pine produces fleshy berries which are toxic.

Enjoyable Reality: This common specimen tree is a standard bonsai selection.


Juniperus Procumbens ‘Nana’

Widespread Identify: Japanese Backyard Juniper

Description: This floor cowl can thrive in cities regardless of city air pollution. The thick inexperienced needles flip purple within the winter. Japanese backyard juniper is low upkeep and hardy as soon as it’s established.

Enjoyable Reality: It provides a contact of magnificence cascading down cliff-sides whereas combating soil erosion.


Finest-selling wholesale palm timber in Florida and Texas
Royostenia Regia

Widespread Identify: Florida Royal Palm

Description: This decorative palm can attain a powerful 100 toes. The cover is made up of deep inexperienced pinnate leaves. This palm’s trunk is slender and grey.

Enjoyable Reality: Once you image wholesale palm timber, likelihood is you’re pondering of Florida Royal Palms which frequently line grand boulevards.


Sabal Palmetto 

Widespread Identify: Cabbage Palm

Description: This specimen palm tree grows round 40 to 50 toes and its full costapalmate cover spans as much as 15 toes in diameter. The halfway point-upwards of the trunk is adorned with previous leaf stalks.

Enjoyable Reality: It’s referred to as a cabbage palm as a result of new buds style like cabbage when eaten.


Rhapidophyllum Hystrix

Widespread Identify: Needle Palm

Description: It’s a palm, it’s a shrub, it’s Rhapidophyllum Hystrix. This specimen doesn’t go previous 6 toes and options upright yellow-green palmate leaves

Enjoyable Reality: Needle Palm is the presumably hardiest wholesale palm tree you’ll discover.


Chamaerops Humilis

Widespread Identify: European Fan Palm

Description: This wholesale palm tree is multi-trunked, and grows like a thick bush. The trunks are giant and bushy from previous leaf development residue. The palmate leaves are shiny and separated nearly to the top.

Enjoyable Reality: Climate extremes are not any match for this European native!


High three wholesale perennials within the South 
Liriope Muscari ‘Tremendous Blue’

Widespread Identify: Tremendous Blue Liriope

Description: This groundcover’s leaves are a few foot and a half tall and unfold like a fountain. The tall purple flowers appear like they arrive from one other world with the tight spherical form of the bulbs.

Enjoyable Reality: Tremendous Blue Liriope is the proper addition to hard-to-grow locations.


Schoenoplectus Tabernaemontani

Widespread Identify: Softstem Bulrush, Rush

Description: Bulrush is a good low-maintenance decorative made up of numerous erect stems. It thrives in water gardens.

Enjoyable Reality: Softstem Bulrush naturally happens nearly in all places throughout Canada and the US.



Widespread Identify: Flax Lily

Description: There are various styles of Flax Lilies, and so they all make nice edging vegetation that develop 30” tall in neat clusters. The leaves are bladed, and the plant produces star-shaped flowers within the spring that mature into blueberries.

Enjoyable Reality: All this low-maintenance plant must look tidy, is a routine sweep of its useless leaves.


High 4 wholesale shrubs within the South
Ligustrum Sinense ‘Sunshine’

Widespread Identify: Chinese language Privet

Description: This border or hedge shrub stands out in a backyard due to its shiny ovate yellow leaves. A real easy-maintenance plant, it’s not invasive like different Ligustrum breeds.

Enjoyable Reality: A fantastic selection for many who endure from allergy symptoms, Chinese language Privet doesn’t bloom.


Ficus Microcarpa ‘Inexperienced Island’

Widespread Identify: Inexperienced Island Ficus

Description: Reaching 8 toes tall at most, this landscaping plant is a superb low-maintenance hedge or floor cowl. It has densely grown ovate shiny leaves.

Enjoyable Reality: The sap on Inexperienced Island Ficus’ leaves might irritate your arms for those who deal with it too regularly!


Chrysobalanus Icaco ‘Purple Tip’

Widespread Identify: Cocoplum

Description: You determine whether or not you need this 15-foot tall Florida native shrub to look polished or informal in your mission’s landscaping design. The rounded leaves are red-tipped in new development earlier than maturing right into a shiny inexperienced.

Enjoyable Reality: On the lookout for a privateness plant that additionally supplies snacks? The “plum” in cocoplum is commonly made into jelly and its seeds roasted.


Lantana Camara ‘New Gold’

Widespread Identify: New Gold Lantana

Description: Rising at a foot tall with a four-foot unfold, New Gold Lantana is a superb groundcover for initiatives wanting a country look. The shrub’s golden flowers bloom in giant clusters and distinction properly towards deep inexperienced spear-shaped leaves.

Enjoyable Reality: New Gold Lantana is a hybrid of Lantana Camara and Lantana Montevidensis.


High 4 wholesale timber within the South
Magnolia Grandiflora ‘Little Gem’

Widespread Identify: Giant-flowered Magnolia

Description: This compact specimen plant is a flowering tree no larger than twenty toes with an expansion of ten toes. The aromatic white flowers have giant petals, and the leaves are shiny and ovate, rising densely from the bottom up. A low-maintenance addition to any backyard.

Enjoyable Reality: Not an awesome selection for polluted city environments, it’s best when planted as a privateness hedge within the suburbs.


Bursera simaruba

Widespread Identify: Gumbo-limbo

Description: Tall and slim, gumbo-limbo grows to 100 toes with a diameter of 5 toes. The broad ovate inexperienced leaves are pinnate. The tree could be very wind-tolerant, making it an awesome selection in hurricane paths.

Enjoyable Reality: It’s nick-named ‘the vacationer tree’ as a result of its bark is purple and peeling, not not like a sunburnt vacationer!


Ilex Cassine

Widespread Identify: Dahoon Holly, Cassena

Description: A smaller tree at 40 toes tall, Ilex Cassine is a member of the holly household. This lovely tree has darkish inexperienced shiny leaves and purple berries that present a pop of shade.

Enjoyable Reality: Dahoon Holly’s purple berries are frequent Christmas decor.


Quercus Virginiana

Widespread Identify: Southern Stay Oak

Description: Spectacular is the descriptor for this landscaping tree that grows 40 to 80 toes excessive with an expansion that reaches 100 toes. The reside oak’s trunk is thick sufficient to assist the various irregular branches that develop out of it. Leaves are deep inexperienced shiny bands, and the tree produces acorns.

Enjoyable Reality: Low upkeep with an extended lifespan, this tree is closely related to grand roads within the south.


Are you shocked by any of the inclusions on the best-selling record? Need assistance sourcing any of those common vegetation or timber in 2022? Simply ship GoMaterials an inventory and we’ll maintain it!

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