Endings and Beginnings: GBBD, November 2021


frosty spireaAs November arrived, Maine’s spell of unseasonably heat fall climate lastly ended with nighttime low temperatures down round 20F and heavy frost. This was the sign to enter winter dormancy for any crops that had not already finished so.

Nonetheless, there are nonetheless just a few flowers seen in my backyard. These aren’t actually in bloom; moderately, they’re frozen (actually) in a state of suspended animation, now not creating however not but withered.

last lavender 2021 last herbstsonne 2021

Colour in my backyard is being supplied  by some still-colorful leaves of deciduous crops (like Viburnum acerifolium, beneath) and by berries like these on this cotoneaster.

fall foliage viburnum 2021 cotoneaster berries 2021

cactus november 2021However, proper on cue, the houseplants that present my winter flower repair have begun to bloom. The Thanksgiving cactus (Schlumbergera) opened its first flowers this week, and buds are creating on the potted Cyclamen persica.

cactus 1st flower 2021 cyclamen buds november 2021

Backyard Bloggers’ Bloom Day is a month-to-month celebration of flowers hosted by Carol Michel at Might Goals Gardens. Go to her web site to see November blooms being loved by different gardeners.