Do You Know That Overwatering a Plant Can Be Prevented With Good Plant Care?


The phrase “overwatering” has turn into a phrase that many plant mother and father really feel is a controversial phrase within the houseplant world. I feel it’s only a phrase that has been used so generally for years, that we don’t even give it some thought, particularly if you’re a bit older, like myself. In my view, it’s completely wonderful to make use of overwatering to explain what could also be going improper with a plant. It’s not a foul phrase and completely describes what occurs if a plant is watered too often, by no means permitting the plant to dry out to a point.


Right here’s how Merriam-Webster defines the verb overwaterto water (one thing) an excessive amount ofto provide an excessive amount of water to (one thing). As a verb, it implies one thing is being carried out to one thing by somebody, thus it’s a observe carried out by some plant mother and father to their vegetation. Overwatering is just the start of a course of that results in different issues starting with an excessive amount of water. Let’s learn the way we are able to turn into higher “water-ers”.

Verify for Watering Wants

The very first thing to do is to be cognizant of your plant’s water wants. Right here is a submit I wrote about a technique you possibly can inform in case your plant is dry. One of the best ways to find out in case your plant wants water is to stay your finger within the soil and whether it is dry as much as about your first or second knuckle, it’s in all probability time to provide it a superb drink. That technique works properly for small vegetation, however when you have a big potted plant, a wood dowel works higher. It’s exhausting to inform what’s going on within the backside of a big pot as it could be dry on the high and moist on the backside. Stick a wood dowel within the pot clear to the underside and go away it there for a minute or so after which pull it out. Water it completely if the stick is dry and if it’s moist, don’t water and examine once more in a couple of days. If there’s leftover water within the saucer, be sure that to empty it after half-hour. If the container is simply too massive to maneuver, use a turkey baster to suck the water out of the saucer.

Indicators that your plant could also be “overwatered”

There are some indicators to search for which will point out you’re giving your plant water too often. Yellow, limp, mushy leaves might outcome in case your potting medium is staying too moist and your plant might drop new and outdated leaves as a result of its root system isn’t capable of help them. If the stem is mushy or dark-colored on the soil line, it could be experiencing crown rot. One other indicator is the presence of these pesky little flying bugs, fungus gnats. They love overly moist potting medium and will likely be flying round your vegetation, dropping in your tea or espresso (imagine me), and mainly being a nuisance. I inform my household they’re fruit flies and that appears to go over higher.

Total Plant Well being

Sure, watering is only one side of plant care and it goes hand in hand with the selection of potting medium, and the sunshine being provided to the plant whether or not from home windows or electrical lights. The general well being of your plant is all-important and might’t be ignored. Water is simply one of many issues your plant must survive. It additionally wants mild and carbon dioxide to photosynthesize and thrive. Putting your plant within the right mild makes all of the distinction. You have to to water extra often when a plant is in good mild, photosynthesizing, and utilizing water often but when a plant is in low mild, it is going to photosynthesize much less and use much less water.

plants in a sunny window

These vegetation are having fun with the solar and photosynthesizing

Potting medium

The potting medium used in your houseplants must be a porous, well-drained materials. Plant roots want oxygen and so they get that from the pores between the soil particles. In case your potting medium is simply too heavy which means it has small pores or micropores, it might not be permitting sufficient oxygen into the basis house. A potting medium that has low porosity and stays moist too lengthy is inflicting an anaerobic or low oxygen surroundings. Sadly, there are microorganisms that love anaerobic environments and are answerable for most instances of root and crown rot. If the pores are stuffed with water, it pushes the oxygen out and the roots received’t obtain any oxygen. The carbon dioxide or by-product of the basis system can construct up and kill the roots. Macropores or bigger pores between the soil particles are higher. So how do you accomplish that? Learn on.

houseplant potting medium

Potting media is vital


The image under exhibits the potting medium from the bag (left), reminiscent of you’d purchase at your native backyard heart or large field. I then add a little bit of vermiculite (tan) and a bigger quantity of coarse perlite (white) to that bought medium. As you possibly can see within the far proper instance, it has way more perlite. This helps the porosity of the medium by creating bigger areas between the soil particles referred to as macropores. There are quite a few different amendments that could possibly be used, however that will likely be a submit for an additional day. I’ve discovered I’ve good luck with utilizing these two simply out there amendments.

mopptin medium ammendments

Amendments for the potting medium

Containers and Drainage

One other vital idea that may assist with overwatering is the container you select. Many containers come with out drainage holes and I like to recommend you employ these as cachepots (French for “hide-a-pot”). Hold your plant in its authentic utilitarian pot and place it within the pot and not using a drainage gap (cachepot). Take it out to water, let it drain, and return it to the cachepot. That manner your plant is rarely standing in water. I by no means endorse planting instantly into the pot until you’re an skilled plant dad or mum.

cachepot for houseplants

If utilizing a pot and not using a drainage gap, use it as a cachepot

Drainage Gap

I’m an enormous advocate of drilling a gap in a pot and I exploit a diamond-tipped drill bit and have by no means damaged a pot (knock on wooden). I drill it within the sink with the water operating on the pot because the bit will get sizzling. It really works very properly, making an ideal measurement gap in a small pot. In case your container is massive than 6-8″, I might in all probability drill a number of holes. This permits the water to run by way of the pot drawing air down by way of the basis ball. I don’t use drainage materials reminiscent of pebbles as that hinders drainage, as a substitute, putting a bit of display screen over the opening to maintain the potting medium in and permit the surplus water out.

When it’s time to up-pot your plant, select a pot that is just one measurement bigger than its earlier residence. When you select a too-large pot, the surplus potting medium will keep too moist and the roots received’t be capable of use all the additional water, inflicting the roots to rot.

ascending pot sizes

Step by step transfer your plant into bigger pots


Can it Be Saved?

When you’ve got allowed your plant to turn into too moist, but you’re feeling it’s nonetheless okay, you could have to take drastic measures to put it aside. Examine how I did that with a waterlogged fern right here. It could be too late in some cases, however I used to be capable of inform by inspecting the plant that there was a superb likelihood of saving it, which I did till scale took it out….

My opinion for what it’s price

So, in my view, overwatering is a phrase that also has its place within the houseplant world. It merely means that you’re not permitting your plant to dry out between waterings and could also be permitting your plant to face in water for too lengthy a time. Be certain that your plant is within the right potting medium and one of the best mild for it to photosynthesize and use the water it’s given in a well timed method. The fitting potting medium, proper mild, and the correct amount of water will make for a contented plant and plant dad or mum.

Have an amazing week, plant mates!

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