Did you Know Scars On Crops Can Be Stunning if They Aren’t Grafitti?


I just lately had surgical procedure to fuse some vertebrae in my neck. I’ve only recently mustered up the braveness to have a look at the scar. It’s not enticing in my eyes, however I’ve been assured this can fade. It has been beneath wraps which embody a neck brace and normally a shawl to cowl the brace. For those who watch this #gardenchatter, you may see the cover-up.  (Written in November 2014) I’m hoping the scar isn’t too apparent ultimately. I do understand that many have scars and they’re stunning to them due to what they’ve gone by and might have a good time surviving the usually horrible circumstances that precipitated them. 

Thaumatophyllum selloum

The plant we’re speaking about, Thaumatophyllum selloum

Completely different scars

I’ve to let you know although, I’ve all the time had a fascination with the leaf scars on houseplants, particularly philodendrons (now thaumatophyllum). I really like the look of them. 
What’s a leaf scar, you ask? A leaf scar is the mark left by a leaf after it falls off the stem of the plant. Technically, it’s the place the petiole was connected to the stem. 

Leaf scars

Leaf scars on a Thaumatophyllum

leaf scar

Leaf scar displaying the vasuclar bundles

Vascular Bundles

Within the image above of the close-up, (sorry it’s a little blurry) you may see the vascular bundles. One other definition is so as:

vascular bundles are, as outlined within the dictionary:

a longitudinal association of strands of xylem and phloem, and generally cambium, that varieties the fluid-conducting channels of vascular tissue within the rhizomes, stems, and leaf veins of vascular crops, the association various with the kind of plant.

Too technical? All these spots are the scars of the tubes that carried the water and vitamins from the roots to the leaves. That’s the easiest method I can clarify it. 

Philodendron (now Thaumatophyllum)

The crops beneath are clearly previous as they’ve numerous scars displaying. Within the pure habitat, these crops climb bushes. Philodendron comes from the Greek phrases philo or “love” and dendron “tree”.  The plant begins out on the jungle ground, scrambling alongside till discovering a tree to climb after which it winds itself up the tree to seek out the sunshine. 

The older the plant, the extra leaf scars it has. Is sensible, proper? The older we get, the extra scars now we have, too. Emotional, bodily….. It offers us and the crops character, proper? 

I really like this heart-shaped leaf scar beneath. I noticed it on a philodendron on the New York Botanical Backyard. For those who look intently on the image on the best, you may see some leftover petiole items on a number of the leaf scars. They type of seem like new child child stomach buttons. Do you see it?

Many of those photos had been taken at botanical gardens and most of us couldn’t help one thing this massive in our houses. Mine is getting fairly massive however I doubt it should ever be as massive as these.  The scars are beginning to prominently present although, and I find it irresistible! 

Have an awesome week, plant associates!