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Calathea crops usually have a status for being fussy and tough to take care of, however Calathea musaica, or Goeppertia kegeljanii, is a stupendous calathea selection that’s a bit extra easygoing. Calathea musaica plant care is definitely comparatively easy, and a good way to dip your toes into calathea care!

That is one in every of 300 calathea varieties on the planet and a member of the Marantaceae household. This explicit selection comes from the tropical rainforests of Brazil.

Calathea musaica is also referred to as Calathea Community or simply the community plant due to its intricately patterned yellow and inexperienced leaves, that are lined in a posh “community” of traces and mosaic-like patterns. These shiny leaves may not be fairly as flashy as a few of musaica’s different calathea cousins, just like the peacock plant, but it surely’s nonetheless a surprising and fairly low-maintenance addition to your houseplant assortment.

Throughout the day, the leaves of Calathea musaica tilt to catch extra daylight and fold downward through the evening, just like a prayer plant. This is the reason these crops are additionally typically known as the Community Prayer Plant.

This plant is a little bit trickier to search out than another calathea varieties, however its magnificence and easygoing nature make the search effectively value it. As an added bonus, Calathea musaica is unhazardous, which makes it a superb houseplant selection if in case you have curious pets or youngsters who may take a chew out of the leaves!

Right here’s every part it’s essential learn about Calathea musaica plant care.

Calathea Musaica Care


Although this plant likes constantly and evenly moist soil, it’s necessary that your soil drains shortly. 

Common indoor potting combine can work effectively when you add a soil modification like perlite or vermiculite to enhance drainage (as much as 1 half modification and a couple of elements potting combine). 

Our Indoor Plant Soil can also be an amazing selection as a result of it’s able to go proper out of the bag. 

Be sure that to make use of a pot with nice drainage. Calathea musaica is a reasonably gradual grower, so you may select a pot that’s only one dimension, or 2-3 inches, bigger than your plant’s root ball. It doesn’t thoughts being a little bit comfortable in its pot!


Like most calatheas, Calathea musaica likes evenly moist soil. Be sure that to water when the highest inch or two of soil feels dry to the contact. 

Be sure that to check the soil earlier than watering, as a result of your plant can develop well being issues when you overwater. 

If you need one thing that’s extra correct than a easy finger check, you should use a moisture meter to get a extra correct thought of your calathea’s soil moisture ranges. 

That is the moisture meter we like. It additionally measures mild ranges and soil pH!

To get an correct studying, insert the meter’s sensor into the soil about midway between the bottom of the plant and the sting of the pot, and about midway down into the pot. As soon as the meter reads 4 or decrease, your plant is prepared for a drink!

To water, ensure that to present the soil an excellent soaking by including water to the floor till it simply begins to empty out the underside. (Take care to not get water on the leaves, as a result of this will result in well being issues and probably unfold fungus and micro organism.) You may also attempt backside watering your plant, particularly when you are typically a recurring overwaterer!

Calatheas are typically delicate to chemical compounds in faucet water like chlorine and fluoride, so you could need to use distilled or rainwater if potential.

If you realize you’re taking nice care of your calathea in any other case and also you’re seeing browning leaf suggestions, take into account switching the kind of water you employ. On the very least, take into account leaving your plant’s water out in a single day to let a few of these chemical compounds evaporate.


Like many tropical crops that developed to thrive beneath the rainforest cover, Calathea musaica thrives in brilliant, oblique daylight. 

Place your plant in an east-facing window if potential or close to a south- or west-facing window, however not so shut that the new noon or afternoon solar falls proper on the leaves. A north-facing window can even work, however when you discover your plant exhibiting indicators of inadequate mild (taking without end to dry out, yellowing, drooping, and so on.), attempt transferring it or supplementing with a full-spectrum develop mild. We love these develop bulbs you may merely screw into common lighting fixtures!


A Calathea musaica’s superb temperature ranges from 65-85 levels Fahrenheit. Don’t let temperatures drop under 60 levels. 

It’s additionally necessary to maintain your plant effectively away from drafts, as a result of the leaves can simply freeze and switch black! If this happens, they gained’t get well; you’ll need to prune them off and wait till your plant recovers and grows extra.

Be careful for heaters, fireplaces, and heating/air-conditioning vents as effectively, which might dry out or scorch your plant’s leaves!


These crops like humidity, so the extra rainforest-like you can also make their setting, the higher! Your Calathea musaica will likely be pleased with humidity between 50-80%, with a snug medium of 60%. 

Should you reside in a dry space or use central warmth or air-con, you may must make some effort to boost the humidity stage round your plant. 

Since Calathea musaica tends to remain pretty small, you may simply use a humidity tray. You’ll be able to purchase these on-line or at any backyard heart, or make your individual DIY tray by filling a shallow tray with pebbles and water and sitting the whole pot on prime. Be sure that the roots and leaves don’t contact the water. Because the water evaporates, it’ll increase the native humidity round your plant. 

You may also arrange a humidifier close to your plant, group it with different crops (respiration additionally raises the native humidity), or place your plant in a brilliant, steamy toilet.

One factor to learn about humidity, although, is that it could increase the danger of fungal and bacterial progress in your plant. One of the simplest ways to forestall that is to offer some airflow round your plant’s leaves. A mild fan within the room can actually assist with this. And when you discover your calathea’s foliage getting actually thick, you could need to skinny it out a little bit to advertise airflow between the leaves.


Calathea musaica can produce small white flowers in good situations, however they virtually by no means flower indoors. These tiny flowers develop proper out of the central rhizome, solely final a couple of weeks, and virtually at all times keep hidden beneath the foliage, so encouraging your plant to flower arguably isn’t definitely worth the effort. 

However when you actually need flowers, ensure that your plant will get at the least 9 hours of brilliant mild every day, use a phosphorus-rich fertilizer, and keep on prime of your plant’s watering wants. It simply may reward you with a couple of little flowers!


As a gradual grower, Calathea musaica isn’t a heavy feeder and subsequently gained’t want quite a lot of fertilizer. 

But it surely’s nonetheless necessary to make use of a mild liquid fertilizer through the rising season to offer all of the macro and micronutrients your plant wants to supply new leaves and stems. 

Throughout the spring and summer time, use Indoor Plant Meals a couple of occasions each month and even with each watering. It’s designed for use each time you water so that you don’t need to memorize a watering schedule, which takes the guesswork out of fertilizing!

Throughout the fall and winter, you may maintain off on fertilizing fully.


Your Calathea musaica will solely have to be repotted each 2-3 years and truly doesn’t thoughts being a little bit root-bound. 

Should you discover that your plant is severely root-bound and/or the soil could be very compacted, it’s time to go up a pot dimension and swap out the soil. 

When it’s time to repot, tip the plant on its dimension and thoroughly coax it out of its pot. You’ll be able to pry it out with a butter knife if it’s caught. 

When you’ve unpotted your calathea, therapeutic massage the foundation ball to get as a lot of the outdated soil out as potential so your plant can have a recent begin in its new pot. 

Add a little bit soil to the underside of a clear pot that’s a dimension bigger than the outdated one, and place your plant upright inside. Fill within the sides with soil and add a little bit on prime, ensuring to depart at the least an inch of headroom on the prime to make room for watering. Water completely and add a little bit extra potting combine to the highest as wanted to accommodate for settling.

Your plant may be a little bit droopy for every week or so as a result of calatheas may be delicate to repotting and different excessive environmental adjustments. Don’t panic! Simply put it again in its spot with nice lighting and depart it alone so it could get well. You’ll additionally need to chorus from fertilizing for a month or so after repotting to keep away from burning the fragile roots.


Since Calathea musaica doesn’t develop in a short time, you shouldn’t need to prune to regulate its dimension fairly often. Should you discover lifeless, dying, or diseased foliage, use sterilized shears or scissors to take away these elements. 

You may also prune to form your plant and compensate for lopsidedness. (Rotating your plant with every watering may also help your plant develop in a pleasant, even form.)


One of the simplest ways to propagate Calathea musaica is thru division. Sadly, these crops gained’t propagate with cuttings. (Unhappy, proper? Cuttings are a lot enjoyable!)

To divide your Calathea musaica, rigorously unpot the plant and get as a lot soil out of the foundation ball as potential. Then gently untangle the roots to separate the plant into two or extra smaller crops. Since Calathea musaica grows from a central rhizome, you’ll need to break up that to make sure that every division will proceed to develop right into a wholesome, self-sustaining plant. Should you aren’t ready to do that just by unsnarling the roots, you should use a clear, sharp knife to chop it aside.

When you’ve divided the plant, pot them up and take care of them such as you would a mature calathea. It’s regular on your divisions to be a little bit droopy for every week or two as they alter to their new situations and get well from the trauma of being divided. Keep away from fertilizing for at the least a month after dividing, and ensure your divisions get loads of brilliant, oblique daylight to assist their restoration.

Calathea Musaica Widespread Issues FAQ

FAQ Why are my Calathea musaica’s leaves curling?

Calathea musaica’s leaves can curl for various causes, however the most typical offender is a scarcity of humidity. 

Should you discover your plant’s leaves curling, verify for close by vents that may be drying the leaves out. If essential, transfer your plant to a greater location the place it gained’t have dry air blasting on it on a regular basis.

Subsequent, you may need to arrange a humidifier close by or place the plant on a pebble tray to extend the humidity in its speedy setting. 

This will occur when the seasons are altering and also you begin utilizing central air-con or warmth. Hold this in thoughts within the winter and summer time if you’re utilizing indoor local weather management. Your houseplant buddies may want a little bit extra TLC!

FAQ Why are there brown spots on my calathea’s leaves?

Brown spots are one other symptom that may have many various causes. 

The very first thing to verify is the moisture stage of the soil. In case your soil feels dry only a few days after you final watered, your plant may be underwatered. Give it a drink, and ensure to present the soil a radical soaking as an alternative of simply sips of water.

If the soil continues to be moist every week or extra after you final watered, your pot or soil may not be draining accurately, which might result in overwatering. If this appears to be the case, repot right into a fast-draining soil (add some perlite to advertise drainage!). 

Whilst you’re doing detective work, you must also ensure that your plant is getting sufficient mild and that it hasn’t been taken over by bugs.

FAQ The place can I purchase a Calathea musaica?

These crops may be arduous to search out in shops (however not unattainable), so your greatest wager could also be to purchase them on-line. 

Amazon, Bloomscape, and different on-line distributors might have these crops obtainable, and you may as well verify eBay in addition to your native Craigslist and Fb Market. 

We love shopping for crops on Etsy! Listed here are a few of our favourite outlets for buying crops on-line: 

You may also ask your native nursery if they’ll inventory them.

Calathea Musaica: The Excellent Intro to Calatheas

Whether or not you’re model new to calatheas and crops basically or a seasoned professional, it is a nice selection so as to add to your house. You’ll love its delicate, understated magnificence and easy care. It’s additionally an amazing selection for small areas, mother and father, and pet house owners. 

You’ll fall in love with this plant very quickly! For extra assist along with your calatheas and different houseplants, be a part of our on-line group and extra!

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