Are People Higher? Not With This!


It is time for the showdown… are people higher than robots? In lots of issues, sure. Not on this although! Here is a process the place the “robots vs human staff” debate is properly and really solved.

There’s lots of uncertainty round robots. We all know that staff in your online business may be afraid of robots coming into the workspace, fearing that they could take their jobs.

However, simply because individuals are unsure about robots doesn’t suggest we will keep away from this reality — robots are higher at people at sure duties.

This can be a good factor! We should always embrace the duties that people are simply not nice at. It helps us to get probably the most from our useful human staff.

Which duties are people higher at?

Which duties are robots higher at?

Whenever you perceive the strengths of each robots and human staff, you’ll be able to maximize your organization’s output and make your staff happier within the course of.

Will robots change people within the workspace? Perhaps…

The issue with us human beings is that we frequently suppose in a reasonably “black and white” means.

Many individuals consider that the arrival of a robotic to an organization signifies that they are going to lose their jobs to the robotic. That is an instance of a cognitive bias referred to as “all or nothing pondering” the place we have a tendency in the direction of pondering in extremes.

In keeping with a survey by the European Fee, about 72% of individuals are scared that expertise might steal their jobs. This makes us consider robots as a “good” or “unhealthy” factor. We have talked about this worry up to now on the Robotiq weblog and it isn’t a priority that we should always take flippantly. 

However, simply because individuals are involved about robots doesn’t suggest that changing people within the office is essentially a “unhealthy” factor.

For those who strategy robotic adoption in the proper means, yow will discover that it is without doubt one of the finest strikes that you would be able to make… and your staff will agree with you.

What’s necessary is that you’re making use of the robotic to the proper functions.

Ought to robots take over human jobs?

Take into consideration the duty of drawing engineering diagrams by hand…

For those who had been to return to a producing firm 50 years in the past, you’d discover that everybody drew engineering diagrams with a pencil and paper. Drawings would take hours to supply. Adjustments had been laborious and susceptible to errors.

As of late, you’ll be able to create and print an engineering drawing in a matter of minutes out of your CAD program. They are often modified shortly and shared with others nearly instantly.

Sure, there was some resistance to computer-generated engineering within the early years. However, nearly no person today would argue that we should always return to hand-drawn engineering diagrams for large-scale manufacturing, proper?

Computer systems are simply higher at producing correct drawings effectively.

Robots are additionally higher than us at some duties.

Robots beat people at duties that we’re naturally not excellent at. We will do these duties, certain, as a result of we’re very adaptable creatures. However, these aren’t the perfect use of our abilities.

Worker performing a screwdriving task

Robots vs people jobs: Which is best at which?

What are process qualities do robots excel at in contrast to people who we people excel at?

Listed here are a number of the variations:

What robots excel at What people excel at
Extremely repetitive duties Extremely diverse duties
Duties that require little to no resolution making Cognitively fascinating duties with frequent new selections
Predictable work with clear actions Unpredictable work that retains us on our toes
Requires no information of the duty Makes intensive use of our area information and expertise
Duties might be bodily strenuous Makes use of our physique however doesn’t abuse it


Clearly, we people are finest suited to duties which can be fairly completely different from the strengths of robots!

It is price declaring that, once we speak about people being good at cognitively fascinating duties, that does not imply we solely excel at duties that require us to take a seat at computer systems all day.

One McKinsey report famous that people are additionally higher at robots at unpredictable bodily work. You would possibly see this in motion throughout a fragile packaging step of a non-uniform product that requires human dexterity and care.

Are people higher than robots? Not for palletizing

You’ll be able to see that people actually are higher than robots at lots of duties. And robots are also higher at some duties.

One process that robots excel at is palletizing.

Stacking packing containers or different gadgets onto a pallet is a basic robot-friendly job. It’s predictable, repetitive, and requires strenuous bodily work when executed by people.

Worker working in collaboration with a robot to accomplish a palletizing task.

3 causes robots beat people at palletizing

Listed here are 3 causes that robots beat people palms down on the process of palletizing:

  • Folks normally hate doing it and it stops them from performing the extra fascinating features of their job.
  • It’s unhealthy for us bodily because the repetitive movement when transferring heavy gadgets wears down our our bodies day after day.
  • Robots can function persistently on a palletizing process for a lot of hours on finish, which people bodily can’t do.

In case you are searching for a process that wins within the robots vs human staff debate, palletizing is definitely process to think about.

Discover out if robotic palletizing might assist your online business

The beauty of including a robotic to a palletizing process is that normally, the employees are utterly behind the transfer.

So long as you contain them within the means of automation as early as attainable, individuals usually take possession of the palletizing robotic. This helps to ease the introduction of the robotic and ensures that the robotic utility truly serves your wants as a enterprise.

If you wish to discover out if robotic palletizing may very well be a profit to your online business, simply try our utility web page to listen to the tales of corporations similar to yours which have improved their enterprise with robotic palletizing.

Meet the new Palletizing Solution

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