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For those who’ve bought a little bit of houseplant expertise and are in search of a small however placing species so as to add to your assortment, Anthurium forgetii may be the plant for you! This lovely houseplant is understood for its uncommon leaves, which haven’t any higher lobes or sinus. This offers them a novel teardrop form quite than the heart-shaped leaves you see on most anthuriums.

One other notable function of the Anthurium forgetii that makes them so coveted is their beautiful white or silver veining that stands out in opposition to the deep inexperienced of the leaves.

Native to Colombia, this plant is slow-growing and stays pretty small, so it’s nice for small areas—or if you have already got a ton of vegetation and are operating out of house! We get it!

Anthurium forgetii is available in a couple of completely different kinds: the usual type with wealthy inexperienced leaves and fewer distinguished veining; the darkish type with very deep-green leaves; and the silver type with distinct silver veins.

This plant is understood for being a bit fussy, so try this one provided that you’re assured in your skills as a houseplant mother or father and have an honest quantity of expertise with anthuriums or different aroids.

With correct care, although, Anthurium forgetii will reward you with lovely leaves that make a press release in any house.

Anthurium Forgetii Care


Wonderful drainage is essential for sustaining a wholesome Anthurium forgetii. This plant does finest in persistently moist however not moist soil as a result of it’s vulnerable to root rot.

A unfastened, chunky potting combine works finest. We don’t advocate utilizing most ready-made potting soils like common indoor potting combine as a result of they’re virtually at all times too dense for these vegetation. Your finest wager is to make your personal combine with loads of components that promote aeration, akin to orchid bark, perlite, or vermiculite, and many others. We love this DIY aroid potting combine from Kaylee Ellen on YouTube.

Our Premium Monstera Potting Soil can also be an amazing selection for aroids like monsteras, peace lilies, and anthuriums as a result of it’s mild, chunky, and fast-draining, however it additionally retains simply sufficient moisture to maintain these beautiful vegetation glad. It additionally has the perfect pH stage and dietary content material to assist these vegetation thrive!

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Whereas we’re with regards to drainage, it’s additionally essential that your pot drains properly. Essentially the most well-aerated soil on the earth received’t do you a lot good in case your pot doesn’t have drainage holes! The fitting pot measurement can even stop overwatering points. Select a pot that’s just a bit bigger than your Anthurium forgetii’s root ball. That manner, the pot received’t maintain on to extra water than your plant can deal with!


Anthurium forgetii does finest in evenly moist soil, which suggests it is best to water when the highest stage of soil dries out. To see whether or not your Anthurium forgetii is prepared for a drink, stick your finger within the soil. If the highest 2 inches really feel fairly dry or simply barely damp, it’s time to water!

You can too use a moisture meter to check the moisture stage of the foundation ball. We really favor this methodology as a result of it offers you a clearer image of what’s occurring deeper within the pot and may provide you with a warning to drainage points along with your pot or soil. In spite of everything, in case your soil isn’t aerated properly, it’s potential for the highest few inches of soil to really feel dry to the contact however the root ball remains to be soaked. 

To make use of a moisture meter, merely insert the sensor into the soil midway between the bottom of the plant and the facet of the pot, and about midway down into the pot. When the meter reads about 4, it’s watering time! (Observe: Don’t depart the meter within the soil between waterings. It might spoil the sensor!)

Right here’s the moisture meter we like. Not solely does it measure moisture, however it additionally signifies mild ranges and soil pH!

As soon as it’s time to water, add water to the highest of the soil till it simply begins to empty, then empty the drainage tray instantly or put the plant in a spot the place it could possibly drain fully. 

Try to be watering your Anthurium forgetii each week or so. If it takes longer than that to your soil to dry out, you would possibly want a lighter potting combine that drains sooner.


Your Anthurium forgetii will thrive in medium to vibrant mild. A room with a west- or south-facing window will work properly, and you can even place your plant close to an east-facing window. A north-facing window can also be a good selection! 

Facet word: That is one other issue which may make this plant an amazing selection if you have already got lots of vegetation. It doesn’t require as a lot mild as another tropical varieties, so this will add a pop to a few of your different areas as an alternative of crowding round your east-facing home windows.

No matter you do, preserve this plant out of direct daylight, as a result of it should scorch simply. All year long because the solar shifts, control your plant and ensure to maneuver it if the daylight ever shines straight on the leaves. For those who discover dry brown spots or a “bleached” look on what needs to be dark-green leaves, your plant may be getting an excessive amount of mild!


This plant has pretty particular temperature wants, so attempt to preserve temps between 65 and 70 levels Fahrenheit with as little variation as potential. And it (virtually) goes with out saying that it is best to preserve your plant away from heaters, air conditioners, sturdy followers, drafts, fireplaces, and many others. The extra persistently heat and humid the surroundings, the higher off your plant will likely be!


These vegetation LOVE humidity, so the extra you may give it, the higher! 

A kitchen or toilet may be a great spot to your Anthurium forgetii. You can too arrange a humidifier close to your plant or group it along with different houseplants the place the humidity may be greater.

The best and most sensible resolution may be to put your Anthurium forgetii on a humidity tray. You should buy these prepared to go surfing or at nearly any retailer that sells gardening provides, or you can also make a straightforward DIY pebble tray. Simply fill a shallow tray with pebbles and water and place the plant’s pot on high. (Make certain the roots and soil don’t really contact the water.) High off the water whenever you discover it getting low. Because the water evaporates, it should create some good humidity round your plant to maintain the leaves wholesome!


Anthuriums can flower year-round, and particular person blooms might final for a number of months. As quickly as a flower begins to say no, prune (or deadhead) it to encourage the plant to redirect its power towards rising new blooms and foliage. 

Fertilizing Anthurium forgetii

Anthurium forgetii is a gradual grower and due to this fact a lightweight feeder. Nonetheless, the plant wants vitamins to assist a wholesome root system, sturdy stems, and wholesome, deep-green leaves! 

Through the spring and summer time, fertilize commonly with a balanced (however nitrogen-rich) liquid fertilizer, and default on the sunshine facet in case you aren’t positive how a lot to make use of. Cease fertilizing through the fall and winter when the plant is extra more likely to be dormant as an alternative of actively rising.

We advocate Indoor Plant Meals as a result of it incorporates the correct quantity of nitrogen and different vitamins to advertise deep-green leaves and flowering. The most effective half is, it’s simple to make use of! It’s mild sufficient to make use of with every watering, so from spring to summer time, you received’t have to recollect a fertilizing schedule. 

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Since this plant grows so slowly, you received’t should repot typically. In reality, don’t fear about repotting until your plant is visibly root-wrapped or if the soil turns into compacted.


This plant received’t get very tall or broad and doesn’t develop shortly, so it’s unlikely that you simply’ll should prune your Anthurium forgetii to regulate its measurement.

For this plant, pruning is a matter of well being. Make certain to take away any dying or broken flowers or leaves so the plant can preserve placing its power into wholesome new progress. Everytime you prune, be sure to make use of sterilized shears or scissors to forestall infecting your plant with potential pathogens.


For all its fussiness with humidity, temperature, and drainage, Anthurium forgetii is definitely fairly simple to propagate!

You may propagate this plant by means of separation, cuttings, or air layering. 

To separate, merely unpot the plant and thoroughly untangle the roots till you’ve gotten two or extra smaller vegetation. You would possibly want to make use of a pointy, clear knife to chop the roots aside in some locations. Pot up every new plant and take care of it like a mature plant, however chorus from fertilizing for a month or two to keep away from harming the recovering roots.

Cuttings are a straightforward method to propagate. To do that, find a bit of plant that’s pretty younger and wholesome. Discover a node, which is a little bit bump on a stem reverse from a leaf. Minimize just under the node so that you’ve a bit of plant that features a leaf or two and the node. 

Place your slicing upright in a transparent glass container of water and a little bit Propagation Promoter and place it in a vibrant place. High off the water when it will get low and alter it out every week. Inside a couple of weeks, roots ought to begin to type. As soon as the roots are an inch or two lengthy, you may plant the slicing in soil and take care of it like a mature plant.

To air layer, find a wholesome, rising part of plant with a node. Use a pointy, clear knife to make a shallow lower subsequent to the node. Then wrap the wound in damp sphagnum moss, after which wrap the wad of moss in plastic wrap secured with string or a twist tie. Maintain the moss damp however not soggy. 

Inside a couple of weeks, it is best to see roots forming! As soon as the roots are an inch or two lengthy, lower that part off the plant, ensuring the slicing contains the roots you simply labored so onerous to develop. Now you’ve gotten a brand new child plant! Pot it up and add it to your assortment!

With proper Anthurium forgetii plant care, you will be rewarded with beautiful leaves that make a statement in any space.

Anthurium Forgetii Frequent Issues

When caring for this delicate plant, you would possibly run into some points. Listed below are the commonest indicators to be careful for which will point out it’s essential regulate your care routine to maintain your plant wholesome.

Dry brown spots/dry leaf ideas: If the ideas or edges of your Anthurium forgetii’s leaves begin to flip brown and crispy, be sure to verify the soil first to verify it hasn’t dried out. If it’s dry greater than an inch or two down, your plant may be under-watered. Give it an excellent watering and trim any lifeless leaves.

When the soil feels high quality, chances are high that your plant wants extra humidity. This can be a nice time to maneuver the plant to a steamy toilet, arrange a humidifier, or put it on a pebble tray.

Leaf scorch can even result in dry spots and crispy leaves, so be sure your plant isn’t getting direct daylight or close to a vent or heater that may be burning it.

Yellowing leaves: If the leaves are turning yellow, be sure the soil doesn’t really feel soggy or overly moist. For those who watered days in the past and the potting combine remains to be soaked, your plant may be overwatered or want a pot or soil that drains higher.

If the leaves look light or bleached, your plant could also be getting an excessive amount of mild.

Darkish brown spots/squishy stems: This is a sign that your plant has root rot. For those who discover these signs, fastidiously unpot your plant and get as a lot of the soil out of the roots as potential. Trim away any rotting roots and repot in contemporary, fast-draining soil. Make certain to make use of a clear pot, or clear the previous pot earlier than changing the plant inside. 

When you’ve repotted the plant, go a little bit lighter on the water than standard. And whenever you do water, use our Root Complement to assist the roots heal. Keep away from fertilizing for a month or two after repotting to keep away from burning the fragile roots.

Drooping: Vegetation can droop for lots of causes. First, be sure your plant isn’t thirsty. Whether it is, water it!

Test for drafts or temperature fluctuations as properly. Your plant can droop if it will get too chilly.

Shock will also be the offender. For those who’ve lately moved or repotted your plant, it’s regular for it to droop for per week or so afterward. If that appears to be the difficulty, depart it alone for a couple of days so it could possibly get used to its new surroundings. It ought to perk again up quickly!

FAQ How typically do anthurium forgetii bloom?

Anthurium forgetii can bloom year-round, and particular person flowers might final for a couple of months earlier than wilting and falling off. As soon as a flower begins to say no, you may lower it off to encourage your plant to develop extra.

FAQ What’s the largest anthurium?

For those who’re hooked on anthuriums and need to gather extra, there are many varieties to select from. Anthurium forgetii is among the smaller (and most lovely, in our opinion), however if you wish to strive a bigger selection, strive Anthurium faustomirandae, also called Faustino’s Big Anthurium or Faustino’s Big, the most important anthurium species on the market!

Anthurium Forgetii: Your New Favourite Houseplant for Foliage and Flowers

For those who’re up for a little bit of a problem and love placing foliage, look no additional than Anthurium forgetii! This plant requires a little bit extra TLC than many different houseplant tropicals you could know and love, however you’ll fall in love with this plant’s magnificence, and would possibly even discover it fairly easygoing when you perceive what it wants. Give it a strive!