10 BEST Marijuana to Develop for Inexperienced persons (2022 Information)


What are the perfect marijuana strains to develop for freshmen?

Discovering the perfect marijuana strains to develop for freshmen was not as straightforward as I believed. Some require in depth care, others are susceptible to pests, and much are simply not straightforward & fast sufficient to develop.

That’s why I created an inventory of the ten Greatest Marijuana to Develop for Inexperienced persons!

This final information provides you with the hottest marijuana plant to develop, the best marijuana strains to develop, why you must develop them, and even the way to develop them.

Learn THIS Earlier than Rising Marijuana

Realizing what hardiness zone you reside in is vital to understanding the perfect hashish strains that may be grown.

It may be the distinction between your marijuana thriving and offering a bountiful yield or producing nothing.

Under, is a chart that provides you with a common concept of your hardiness zone.

hardiness zone map

10 Greatest Marijuana to Develop for Inexperienced persons

#1. Afghan Kush (Indica)

afghan kush marijuana

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Why Develop Afghan Kush in Ohio?

afghan kush marijuana

Fast Grower:

  • Afghan Kush is among the quickest rising marijuana strains. It solely takes six to eight weeks to flower, making it excellent for newbie growers each indoors and outdoors.


  • Afhan Kush is among the hardiest kinds of hashish on the market. It’s hardy towards mould, parasites, and different pests that frequent weed crops.

Thrives in Delicate Climate:

  • Some kinds of marijuana strains will be troublesome to develop as a result of they want very explicit climate. Not Afghan Kush. This pressure thrives in delicate climates that may be present in Ohio, all through a lot of the United States and Canada, and even Europe.

Simply Accessible:

  • In case you are trying to buy hashish crops to develop it will possibly generally be troublesome to find them. Afghan Kush is among the best kinds of plant to buy.

Excessive THC:

  • Afghan Kush has one of many higest THC ranges, roughly round 20% making it one of the crucial potent kinds of hashish you may develop.

THESE May Hurt Your Afghan Kush

Lack of Daylight:

  • Like most kinds of Hashish, Afghan Kush will thrive with daylight. Lack of daylight might trigger a delay in flowering and even your plant not rising correctly. Due to this it’s extremely really helpful to develop you marijuana underneath develop lights.

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Dry Climate:

  • Afghan Kush thrives in delicate climate. It wants loads of daylight, however an excessive amount of warmth or chilly will stunt and even kill your marijuana pressure. Not solely this, however too little water or an excessive amount of also can hurt your plant.

Further Assets

Afghan Kush will produce 16 ounces per 10 sq. toes making it an incredible funding for just a little amount of cash and house!

#2. Blue Dream (Sativa)

blue dream marijuana

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Why Develop Blue Dream in Ohio?

blue dream marijuana

Excellent for Outdoors:

  • Most marijuana strains that you simply develop often can solely be grown inside. Not Blue Dream. Any such hashish is ideal for cultivating outdoors. It may possibly thrive in nearly any situation present in Ohio.


  • Among the finest elements about rising Blue Dream marijuana is that it requires little to no upkeep. Simply plant it and watch it develop.

Excessive Yield:

  • Blue Goals are particularly giant crops. They will develop nearly 13 toes tall and you may count on an unbelieveable yield of 20 ounces per plant.

THESE May Hurt Your Blue Dream


  • Be certain that to offer loads of airflow to your blue dream. Should you don’t mould will shortly develop and destroy your plant!


  • Like mould, it’s important to regulate pests along with your blue dream plant. Should you don’t present airflow it could lead on your pressure to turning into extra susceptible to being attacked by pests.

Further Assets

Whereas Blue Dream thrive in sub-tropic climates, it may be grown wherever particularly indoors. Count on a large amount of THC too, roughly 21%!

#3. Northern Lights (Hybrid)

northern lights marijuana

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Why Northern Lights in Ohio?

northern lights marijuana

Excellent Complement Plant:

  • In order for you a hashish plant that appears like a tree and suits completely in your yard and backyard then look no additional than northern lights. This plant can develop to nearly 7 toes tall and appears similar to a tree!

Fast Grower:

  • The Northern Mild Marijuana pressure solely takes 7 to 9 weeks to develop and flower, making it excellent for brand spanking new and generally impatient gardeners.


  • Like Afghan Kush, Northern Lights is an extremely hardy plant. Count on little to no mould risk, resistance towards pests, and resistance towards different ailments making it a comparatively straightforward pressure to develop indoors or outdoors.

THESE May Hurt Your Northern Lights

Local weather:

  • Whereas Northern Lights Hashish is an extremely hardy pressure towards pests and illness, it nonetheless needs to be protected towards excessive climate climates and lined within the winter. Any such weed thrives in warmth, loads of daylight, and mediterrean climates.

Further Assets

Count on a candy and spicy taste with this Northern Lights and barely decrease ranges of THC, round 15%.

#4. Zkittlez (Hybrid)

Zkittlez marijuana

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Why Develop Zkittlez in Ohio?

zkittlez marijuana


  • In case you are an indoor gardener that desires so as to add an incredible odor to your home then it is advisable to develop zkittlez. Candy, tropical smells might be smelled all through your whole home.


  • If you wish to add stunning colours to your indoor or out of doors backyard then look no additional than zkittlez. This stunning marijuana pressure has shades of purple and inexperienced. Better of all is that it’s a quick and stalky plant that may match nearly wherever.

THESE May Hurt Your Zkittlez


  • Zkittletz is a comparatively straightforward plant to develop. It’s general hardy and may thrive in plenty of areas all through Ohio. With that being mentioned a scarcity of care, over-harvesting, or an excessive amount of consideration to this plant can hinder its progress or damage it.

Further Assets

Zkittlez has one of many lowest THC ranges on this listing being round 13.5%. Additionally it is one of many smallest weed strains on this listing, which implies it may be grown in gardening containers and raised backyard beds.

#5. White Widow (Hybrid)

white widow marijuana

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Why Develop White Widow in Ohio?

white widow marijuana

Quick Grower:

  • White Widow is among the quickest rising marijuana strains on this listing, producing flowers inside 6 to 9 weeks.


  • The White Widow hashish plant will sometimes produce the next yield than most freshmen hashish gardeners will count on. Count on 18 ounces per 10 sq. toes and that is often the naked minimal that can happen.


  • As a result of the White Widow produces a excessive yield and a excessive THC degree it’s thought-about one of the crucial beneficial kinds of weed that may be grown.

THESE May Hurt Your White Widow Vegetation

Local weather:

  • When you can develop White Widow Hashish in a backyard in Ohio, it is strongly recommended to develop them indoors and both in a gardening container or in a hydroponic setup. Should you plant white widow outdoors bear in mind that Ohio’s local weather might hinder its progress and yield.

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Further Assets

White Widow is among the most potent marijuana crops that may be grown. It has THC ranges of roughly 25%, however remains to be comparatively straightforward for freshmen gardeners to develop.

#6. Blue Cheese (Indica)

blue cheese marijuana

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Why Develop Blue Cheese in Ohio?

blue cheese marijuana


  • The Blue Cheese marijuana pressure is one other extremely hardy choice for newbie hashish growers. It’s resistant towards widespread stresses like under-watering, pests,and mould.

Heaps & A number of Harvest:

  • Blue Cheese might yield the very best harvest out of the all of the hashish on this listing. Per sq. meter (or just below 10 sq. toes) it is going to produce 20 ounces!

Fast Grower:

  • Rising marijuana will be laborious for freshmen. And the longer it takes to develop weed the much less doubtless you’re to have success. That’s why it is advisable to develop Blue Cheese. This pressure ought to solely take you 6 weeks to supply flowers!

THESE May Hurt Your Blue Cheese


  • Whereas Blue Cheese is hardy towards under-watering, newbie marijuana growers needs to be cautious to not constantly overwater this plant. Should you you water it an excessive amount of it will possibly trigger mould and doubtlessly kill the plant.

Lack of Mild:

  • One other issue that may hurt your Blue Cheese Hashish plant is lack of sunshine. Should you stay in an space that doesn’t get sufficient mild you may merely place it underneath a LED tonight and have success producing flowers!

Further Assets

Blue Cheese is a marijuana plant that does all of it. It shortly grows, it has a big yield, and it has a heavy THC degree, roughly at 20%.

#7. Banana Kush (Hybrid)

banana kush marijuana

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Why Develop Banana Kush in Ohio?

banana kush marijuana

Candy Scent:

  • Banana Kush is one other nice sort of hashish to develop if you wish to fill you residence with the odor of sweetness. Most gardeners will inform you it really has a really related odor to the banana fruit!

Excellent Indoors:

  • Should you stay in an space of Ohio that isn’t as condusive as different elements of the state of nation then it is advisable to develop crops indoors. And the banana kush marijuana stray couldn’t be a greater choice for indoors!

Matches in ALL Gardens:

  • Whereas Banana Kush thrives in hydroponic gardening, it’s also a flexible marijuana plant that may be develop in gardening containers, raised backyard beds, and conventional gardens all through Ohio.

THESE May Hurt Your Banana Kush


  • People are the largest risk to hurt this plant. Should you can’t present fixed airflow, aren’t going to prune and keep this sort of hashish, and supply a correct setup (corresponding to hydroponic gardening) then there’s a chance you’ll trigger long-term harm to the plant.

Further Assets

Banna Kush is understood among the many marijuana neighborhood for its unimaginable efficiency. It has a THC degree of 27%, one of many highest charges you’ll discover wherever on the planet.

#8. Gorilla Glue (Hybird)

gorilla glue marijuana

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Why Develop Gorilla Glue in Ohio?

gorilla glue marijuana

Thrives Outdoor & Indoors:

  • The Gorilla Glue Marijuana plant is among the few crops that may be develop indoors and outdoor in Ohio! Should you can present a constant quantity of daylight in your yard this plant will thrive outdoor and if not simply deliver it inside and put it by a window!


  • By now you may most likely discover a theme. Banana Kush is a kind of marijuana pressure that can ship high-yields throughout harvest. Count on 18 ounces per 10 sq. toes.

THESE May Hurt Your Gorilla Glue

Lack of Daylight:

  • To ensure that Gorilla Glue to thrive it wants daylight. A scarcity of daylight can’t hurt your hashish, but additionally stunt its progress and forestall it from flowers.

Chilly Climate:

  • Goria Glue doesn’t deal with Ohio’s climate in addition to different strains. When you have a wetter spring or fall than regular or an additional dry summer time it’s best to deliver your hashish pressure indoors.

Further Assets

In order for you a potent marijuana pressure to develop that’s extremely excessive in THC then look no additional than Gorilla Glue. It has a THC degree of 31% generally!

#9. Woman Scout (Hybrid)

girl scout marijuana

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Why Develop Woman Scount in Ohio?

girl scout marijuana


  • Woman Scout Marijuana is very resistant towards mildew, mould, and nearly pest that you’ll run throughout making it an incredible indoor and out of doors plant.

Thrives in Cooler climate:

  • Whereas most marijuana strains might tolerate cooler temperatures on occassion they don’t thrive in it. Then again, Woman Scounts love cooler climate and can really produce a phenomenal purple shade with crystals.

THESE May Hurt Your Woman Scout Hashish

Small Areas:

  • Woman Scout marijuana wants giant areas to develop and department out. When you have solely small areas count on to not have as a lot yield or count on your plant to not absolutely develop or flower like you want to it to. This implies should you develop it in a hydroponic setting you must have a big indoor house and should you develop it outdoor it needs to be in a big backyard or yard.

Further Assets

Count on a THC degree of 28% for Woman Scout Marijuana and it also needs to be famous it has one of many lowest yields at roughly solely 10 ounces per 10 sq. toes.

#10. Durban Poison (Sativa)

durban poison marijuana

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Why Develop Durban Poison in Ohio?

durban poison marijuana

Loves Outdoor:

  • Regardless of the place you reside in Ohio, Durban Poison will be develop outdoors. This plant likes to unfold out and it will possibly even be develop indoors when you’ve got sufficient house!

Extremely Resistant:

  • Durban Poison is anohter extremely resistant marijuana plant towards mould, mildew, pests, and dangerous bugs

THESE May Hurt Your Durban Poison

Small Areas:

Like Woman Scout Marijuana, small areas can hurt your durban poison. It wants giant areas each indoors and outdoors to broaden, develop, and yield the outcomes that almost all hashish gardeners are in search of.

Further Assets

Count on about 16 ounces per sq. foot for a yield and count on a THC degree of 90%! It needs to be famous that this pressure has lesser results than different strains on this listing.

Frequent Rising Components of Marijuana


As a reminder, the under components are widespread for the Greatest Marijuana to Develop for Inexperienced persons:

  • Thrives in delicate climates
  • Hardy towards pests, ailments, and mould
  • Can Develop indoors and in a backyard
  • Could be planted in ALL Varieties of Backyard
  • Has stunning colours, nice perfume, and is straightforward to develop and keep